Rebel Wilson to Star in “Isn’t It Romantic” Hitting Theaters Valentine’s Day

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Who doesn’t love some good satire? This coming February, you can see Rebel Wilson star in “Isn’t It Romantic,” a satire of romantic comedies.

Comedy is nothing new for Wilson, though this is her first starring role. She plays Natalie, a New York City architect looking to make it big, but not getting that far in her career.

She’s a cynic when it comes to love. Natalie has been told her whole life that she isn’t the type of person who will be swept off her feet in the perfect love story. And after growing up hearing that, she has come to believe it. Because she isn’t interested in finding love any time soon, Natalie is focused on her career. She dresses a bit drab and frumpy and doesn’t give time or attention to her hair.

But everything changes when Natalie suffers a head injury in the Subway while being mugged. She wakes up in a romantic comedy where she’s the star. Everything is perfectly in place and super girly and she doesn’t know what to do about it.

Enter Rebel Wilson’s catchy one-liners and funny personality to this satire and we’re anticipating some good comedy. The trailer shows her character calling 911 because her apartment is larger, professionally decorated and has a walk-in closet that her whole apartment could have fit in before. It’s most women’s paradise, but for Natalie, it’s her nightmare because she has never put emphasis on such things.

Rebel Wilson’s supporting actors and actresses

Joining Rebel Wilson on screen are some familiar faces. Liam Hemsworth is Blake, the hunky client of the architecture firm where Natalie works. When Natalie wakes up as the star in a romantic comedy, Blake is suddenly interested in her.

Hemsworth hasn’t been in many comedic roles previously, having starred in “Thor,” “The Last Song” and “Expendables 2.” However, the movie’s setting seems to make it easy for him to join the comedic cast.

The romantic comedy they’re all trapped in is PG-13, which means limited language and no hot love scenes. With a star as chiseled as Hemsworth, no love scenes seems a bit impractical and Rebel Wilson’s character does all she can to find a way to still get close to Hemsorth.

The trailer shows a few moments with Hemsworth shirtless, which might be a draw for some women this Valentine’s Day.

But Blake is one of two love interests for Natalie. Adam DeVine plays Josh, her long-time best friend. This creates some conflict for Natalie as she must choose between the super hunky Blake who is a real catch, and the man she has always been friends with.

Starring alongside DeVine is nothing new for Rebel Wilson. In fact, the two played characters that share a love interest in “Pitch Perfect.”

As Natalie faces a decision between the two men in her life, things get a bit more complicated because Josh is interested in Isabella. Priyanka Chopra is Isabella, a yoga ambassador who is perfectly put together and in every way the opposite of Natalie.

The film also stars Betty Gilpin as Whitney, Natalie’s assistant and close friend. Brandon Scott is Donny, Natalie’s neighbor and gay sidekick. They adventure together through the land of the romantic comedy she’s trapped in.

Building friendships on set

As actors, Wilson, Hemsworth and DeVine must get along pretty well. Rebel Wilson recently posted a selfie with the two actors showing some fun and silliness backstage. Wilson and DeVine show off their comedic talent as they pose with tongues out. Meanwhile, Hemsworth is the always dashing man with a charming pearly white smile.

The team has regrouped after filming to begin promoting the movie as the release date rapidly approaches. The selfie is a promotional piece for the film, but it certainly looks like the actors are having fun with the romantic comedy that pokes fun at romantic comedies.

 Rebel Wilson’s comedic career

The 38-year-old actress is no stranger to comedy. In fact, she’s made a career of it. Wilson has starred in films like “Bridesmaids,” “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and “Pitch Perfect.” She’s an Australian native but moved her career to the United States in 2011.

She acted in the comedy series “Pizza” and “The Wedge” before coming to America. She studied at the Australian Theatre for Young People and went on to get a Bachelor of Arts in theatre from University of New South Wales. While there, she also earned her Bachelor of Law degree.

Wilson’s first film in the United States was “Bridesmaids” where she was Brynn, a role written specifically for her comedic talents. She also was an actress in the sitcom “Rules of Engagement,” which aired on CBS.

While her acting career has been mostly comedy, the actress has some more serious aspects to her personal life. Earning a law degree isn’t something you see from comedic actresses often. She also served as a Youth Ambassador for Australia where she spent a year in South Africa.

It’s during this year in South Africa that Rebel Wilson states she knew she would be an actress. She contracted malaria during her time there and had hallucinations about receiving an Oscar. She says it was in that moment that she knew she should pursue an acting career.

Her career is rather diverse including producing and writing. She was a writer for “Super Fun Night,” a comedy TV series. While the show was only on television for one season, it did add to Wilson’s repertoire.

A romantic comedy poking fun at romantic comedies

“Isn’t It Romantic” shows some of the funny situations that romantic comedies include. The characters will launch into a dance number at random times because that tends to happen in romantic comedies, even though it doesn’t happen in real life.

The film’s PG-13 rating is also something the movie has fun with. Rebel Wilson’s character is frustrated by the fact that she can’t say any curse words once she’s trapped in the romantic comedy. As a cynic, curse words come easy for Natalie, but they get bleeped out every time she tries to open her mouth to utter one.

In addition to not being able to include many curse words, the film also makes light of the romantic situations Wilson and Hemsworth are placed in. The movie cuts from evening to morning when things start to heat up between the two of them. So despite having a hot date with the stunning architecture firm client Blake, Natalie can’t seem to get past just kissing him because the movie always skips over the heated moments.

The movie’s February 14 release date should work well for its plot setting. It’s an anticipated romantic comedy for the holiday. As a funny movie that pokes fun at the classic romantic comedy plot lines, it should have something for everyone making its audience diverse.

Because it isn’t your classic romantic comedy, it might be easier for women to get their husbands, boyfriends or other guy friends to join them in theaters this Valentine’s Day. Seeing Rebel Wilson in a starring role will be interesting after her career as the supporting funny girl actress. Only time will tell whether “Isn’t It Romantic” is a box office hit.


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