As Trump Pulls Out Of The Nuclear Treaty With Russia Putin Introduces A Missile The U.S. Can’t Stop


There’s a lot of talk about President Trump’s relationship with Russian President Putin. Trump acted like a fanboy when the two leaders met in Helsinki in 2018. Trump sided with Putin instead of siding with his intelligence community when they found proof on Russian interference in the 2016 campaign. And on numerous occasions, Mr. Trump said he and Mr. Putin get along. It seems Putin is one of Trump’s homeboys by the way Trump describes him.

But even though these powerful leaders have some sort of sketchy relationship, according to several news reports, Trump decided to pull out of the Nuclear Arms Treaty that’s been in place for decades. Putin thought that was a bad idea. Putin recently told the world why Trump’s decision could come back and bite him where the sun don’t shine.

According to Mr. Putin, Russia developed a badass hypersonic missile system that U.S. defenses can’t stop. Putin said that system will be fully functional in 2019. Putin told the Russian press the new missile system will protect Russia from all threats. Tass, the Russian news agency, said the missile system is a great gift after the system passed its first test at the Dombarovsky military airbase.

According to a Dombarovsky military report, the missile can reach a cruising speed of 15,000 miles per hour. And when the missile gets close to a target, the maneuverable warhead can adjust its direction and altitude to avoid defensive systems. Plus, the missile can fly low enough to avoid those missile interceptors the United States depends on for security, according to the Tass article.

The Pentagon didn’t comment on Russia’s new missile system. And Trump hasn’t tweeted about it either. Trump is in Iraq putting on a show for his voter base, so letting the world know Russia has a game-changing weapon may not be the smartest thing to do while he’s out of the country.

But a U.S. official said he doubts Russia’s new weapon system is all Putin says it is. The official who wants to remain anonymous said Russia likes to stretch the truth when it comes to talking about their military capabilities, and this may be one of those stretches.

According to fellow Joseph Trevithick, the news of a new missile system that’s nuclear gold sounds like a Trump statement. There may be some truth in it, but most of the information could be Fake News.


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