Doe Deere’s Poppy Angeloff Brand Expands Line for Silver Lovers

Doe Deere's Poppy Angeloff Brand Expands Line for Silver Lovers

Doe Deere launched her latest brand in October 2018 and moves Deere out of the cosmetic space and into fashion. Specifically, Poppy Angeloff is a boutique line of heirloom quality jewelry ‘for Victorian girls living in a modern world.’ Through the Poppy Angeloff, online store, customers can scoop up the cosmetic queen turned designer’s handcrafted rings. The aesthetic relies heavily on vintage styles and draws obvious inspiration from nature. While the initial designs were all in gold, as 2019 rolled in, Deere expanded the line to include silver for women who favor cool tones in their jewelry box.

Deere chose the line’s signature pansy ring as a focal point around which she introduces silver into the brand’s offerings. She calls it The Snow Pansy ring and it is nothing short of stunning.


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The Snow Pansy and other selections on the Poppy Angeloff websites are currently available in limited sizes. Deere explained in early 2019 that the sizes in each design will continue to increase until Poppy Angeloff achieves full inclusivity. Her original inspiration was to cater to those with small fingers, as that is an obvious gap in the market she identified.

A Closer Look at the Snow Pansy

Although The Snow Pansy isn’t the only design that got a silver makeover, it is the line’s showpiece. It also truly shines against the cool toned setting. In fact, at the time of publishing, shoppers can find The Snow Pansy, The Queen, The Princess, and The Goddess in a white silver setting on the PA website.

The Snow Pansy shows the greatest contrast from its original design compared to the other silver set rings. While the gold set Pansy is a deep, vibrant violet, The Snow Pansy is a more delicate and pale white flower with streaks of a deeper purple along its petals. A cheery pop of yellow peeks out from the bottom of the ring.

It is amazing how close the ring looks to an actual pansy. It really does its namesake justice.

Rolling Out the Snow Pansy Online

In early December 2018, Deere began showing off silver rings to her followers. The Soulmates ring was the first featured, followed by The Queen, and The Snow Pansy.


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Soon thereafter, she launched a giveaway and debuted the breathtaking Snow Pansy ring. She is always sure to show videos of the products so consumers can get a true feel of how the rings pick up the light and send it dancing.

The launch appeared in conjunction with a holiday sale that offered a 25% discount to shoppers looking to pick up one of the new or original designs.

Why The Pansy is the Poppy Angeloff Signature Piece

The pansy inspired Deere through its ties to love and representation of the natural beauty of the earth. She takes care to explain the poppy’s symbolism, grounding the brand’s inspiration and mission for customers.


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Pansy flower as an expression of love goes back to the Victorian times. A gift of pansy meant ‘think of me, remember me.’ Today, pansy means unforgettable — after all, who could ever forget a girl with a pansy on her finger??

Each pansy ring is meticulously hand-crafted out of solid gold & hand-painted by an enamel artist, making every one as unique as in nature. Delicate rope band wraps around the finger to support the flower head. Droplet of white sapphire adds sparkle and crowns the pansy. Darling, you are indeed… unforgettable! – Poppy Angeloff Website

By launching The Snow Pansy, Deere gives the line expansion a real bang since this particular design shows off the silver in such a vibrant way.

The brand’s website explains,

The pansy, so delicate & dainty on the surface, is one of the first flowers to come up in the spring – it blooms even in the snow! We dedicate this ring to all Angelettes who embrace the feminine, the whimsical & the frivolous, while remaining strong & resilient on the inside. The cold won’t stop us from thriving!

Crafted in white silver, every Snow Pansy ring is meticulously hand-painted with enamel using tiny calligraphy brushes, then dipped in lacquer – making each one slightly different and beautiful in its own way. No two pansies are exactly alike! Delicate yet sturdy rope band wraps around the finger to support the head. A sparkling droplet of real white sapphire crowns the flower and adds a magical touch! – Poppy Angeloff Website

If that weren’t enough to catch the attention of holiday shoppers, Deere shared an incredible photo on her Instagram showing off several rings at once on her own hand. This works well according to a follower who commented, “I need my entire fist dusted with these..”

It’s hard to disagree!


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This is an impressive tactic she uses time and time again because it shows how wearable the rings are, speaks of their luxury, and truly shows off their sparkle!

Pictured below is a video showcasing the silver launch of her Soulmates ring as well.


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A Deeper Look at Poppy Angeloff’s Message, Aesthetic, and Inspiration

A delicate pansy flower, our emblem, blooms on everything we make. A symbol of love since the Victorian times (from the French pensée for ‘thought’), it means ‘unforgettable’ today. Our dream is to create conversation-starting, heirloom quality pieces we ourselves would love to wear and collect, that bring smiles to people’s faces. – Doe Deere​

While Deere’s first company, Lime Crime Cosmetics, focused on brash, bold colors missing from the cosmetic space, Poppy Angeloff is slightly more subdued. Color is still a huge theme and inspiration, but here, Deere takes notes from nature. She cites gemstones and flowers as guiding beacons for the beautiful designs.

My whimsical line of designer jewelry was inspired by many things that are dear to me. My obsession with the magic and power of color is one. I love designing with color because I believe it can transform, lift you up when you’re feeling down, tell a story… To me, gemstones and makeup aren’t all that different: both are small luxuries that can bring big smiles! – Doe Deere

In this way, she both updates and refines her signature style and shares it with a wider audience than ever before.

As a long-time collector of vintage and antiques, I’ve come to appreciate the level of thought, detail and craftsmanship that went into the beautiful things I’d collected. I found myself wanting to invest in things of higher quality more, and minimize my contribution to the throw-away culture of today’s fast fashion. My ultimate dream is to offer heirloom quality jewelry at affordable prices that you will want to keep, wear, and maybe even pass on to your daughters one day. – Doe Deere

Another recurring theme in the brand’s marketing materials is a focus on high quality. These are pieces that are affordably priced, yet worthy of a space in collections women can hand down for generations.

Some people believe that you’re either a gold or a silver person when it comes to jewelry. Personally, I find myself more drawn to interesting & unusual designs than a particular metal… – Doe Deere, Twitter

Community Building and Crowdsourcing Before Launch

Anyone who has followed Doe Deere’s career understands that her first strength is community building. She took very naturally to the idea of cultivating online authority and rising to influencer status. Her own style and personality was her initial commodity and she seamlessly drew upon her community of followers when she started Lime Crime.

Her approach with Poppy Angeloff has been the same. She began teasing the brand immediately after announcing her changing role at Lime Crime. She assured fans that while she was taking more of a backseat role at the company, she had a new venture to share.

It’s incredible to see your community grow. Over the years, I’ve received hundreds of thousands of letters from customers telling me how much I’ve positively impacted their lives. By showing them they could be themselves. They don’t have to apologize for who they are. – Doe Deere, Forbes

She continued to drum up interest on her own social media accounts which boast hundreds of thousands of followers. Although Poppy Angeloff is now taking off on its own, she continues to cross promote between the brand’s social accounts and her own.

A tactic that serves her well and gave birth to the new launch of silver in the PA line is crowdsourcing. A recent feature in Forbes online cites her commitment to getting into the mind of your customer as one of her enduring pieces of advice. To this end, she often asks followers about their favorite gemstones and what they’d love to see appear in the Poppy Angeloff roster.

What sets this brand and Deere apart from other brands dominating social media is that she actually listens. Commenting on her accounts actually provides the potential to see your idea end up adopted.

This not only ensures boosted sales for the brand but fosters a deep level of investment from customers and followers. In fact, the two communities are inextricably entwined.

What to Expect from Poppy Angeloff in 2019

Doe Deere shared that one of her goals for the year is to watch Poppy Angeloff grow. She is dedicated to goal setting and from her past successes, this appears to work well for her.

In fact, one of her followers recently commented about whether we will see sets from Poppy Angeloff in the future. Will earrings to match these beautiful rings be joining the Poppy Angeloff family?


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Doe Deere replied to confirm this is something in the works. Knowing customers crave more matching pieces makes expansion an easy choice.

There appears to be plenty to look forward to from this innovative entrepreneur’s latest venture and we’re here for it.

Want more on Doe Deere? Read our last article, or follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


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