Being Bold: Edwin Miranda’s take on the Future of KOI IXS


“I believe that maturity changes our outlook, but to achieve any mature state, we must go through those life-changing experiences.”

Edwin Miranda

– KOI IXS Founder and CEO Edwin Miranda

In today’s evolving marketing world, one would not be hard pressed to find an agency that talks a big talk. Countless agencies promise unfettered access to their client’s customer base but when all the glitz and glamour fads away they are little more than the technological middle man. The real tricky part in finding a marketing agency is one that can walk the walk. Or better yet, one that has a proven track record of success. Enter KOI IXS.

KOI IXS a full-service, performance-driven marketing agency that always has an eye to the future of marketing. Working with a passionate and talented group of designers, thinkers, creators, and strategists, KOI IXS makes passion an essential ingredient of every successful venture they partake in. But before KOI IXS was leading Puerto Rico’s marketing sector, Edwin Miranda was starting off with a vision. In a recent interview Miranda spoke to some of the early days at KOI IXS. “The agency was an idea that I brought to life when I was 21 that still stands today as KOI IXS. I believe that what worked at that time was my passion and desire to bringing the idea into reality.” Commented Miranda. And that passion is still evident in everything KOI IXS does today.

“I help align our vision and unite our shared creative talents to produce work that is worth creating. Leveraging a rich history of influential brand work and a passion

for marketing technology, I enjoy giving our clients the edge they need to succeed in today’s cluttered market,” said Miranda. And this makes sense. The marketing scene has many working parts these days. To think that one person could efficiently navigate the various new platforms and targeted marketing strategies would be beyond ambitious, leaning towards impossible. Miranda is quick to acknowledge the team of talent that surrounds him, “Always surround yourself with people you trust. When growing a business, you cannot do everything, so it is so important to be able to delegate to good people.”

As CEO and Founder of KOI IXS, Miranda believes in the power of performance marketing and is driven to help global brands gain a large market share, create meaningful customer engagement, and acquire new customers. Successful results of such previous marketing campaigns are quickly adding up at KOI, but the company is also concerned with furthering their industry by honing in on the type of advertising content that doesn’t feel like advertising but still drives sales.

Not familiar with the new school of marketing? The trends are moving towards Attribution and Predictive Marketing. Miranda weighed in, “I have always been a fan of results, of delivering and driving bottom line results to my clients and partners but that was really difficult to measure and execute with the technology of the past.” This is an exciting time for those in-tune with the industry. Tomorrow’s marketing tools incorporate, “machine-learning technologies to improve customer acquisition and customer growth, and how to identify and re-engage at-risk or lapsed customers by implementing an easy, automated approach to predictive analytics.”

It is these predictive analytics that are making personalized marketing a reality. And such approaches are no longer for the global conglomerates but instead are available to companies and organizations of all sizes. In fact, it is not uncommon for the smaller businesses to “leapfrog” their larger counterparts with marketing innovation. If you company is ready to do just that, contact KOI IXS.



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