Donald Trump Is on a Mission from God According to White House Spokesperson Sarah Sanders


President Trump likes his skin to match his hair when he’s about to address the nation, or when he’s throwing bull at his loyal voter base. That famous Trump orange-looking tan is not the work of a tanning bed, according to Trump. He says his good genes produce that orange glow, according to the New York Times. Trump’s “orange skin” will be on display when he gives his SOTU address, so people can judge for themselves.

This year’s State of the Union address could be his “Hail Mary” moment, or it could add another nail in his political coffin. The Democrats want to hand Trump that nail, but Trump isn’t about to let that happen after spending hours in the secret tanning bed he imported from his New York pad.

Trump wants to prove he’s the president who can unite the country. But according to the Washington Post, unity is not a word Trump likes to use unless that word is in front of the words “under Donald Trump’s rules.”

Mr. Trump is a rule breaker. He’s a chaotic and sleazy real estate developer who found a black hole in the Republican Party. And just like a Boa Constrictor looking for a good meal, Trump slithers across the sands of democracy and body-squeezes the constitution and the rule of law.

But in spite of all the missteps, verbal fabrications, and unethical political and business deals, Trump is a messenger from God, according to some of his loyal followers. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told the Christian Broadcasting Network that God wanted Mr. Trump to be president. Sarah said God calls on people to fulfill different roles, and Trump and his orange-tinted skin was God’s top pick for president in 2016.

Sanders is not alone when it comes to thinking Trump draws his presidential authority from God. He acts like a divine authoritarian who bashes his intelligence agencies, intimates and ridicules Democrats and Republicans. And he doesn’t have much respect for law enforcement officials or the will of the citizens of American.

The voters who defend Trump say Sanders reinforced the claim that all political leaders are God’s chosen people. Evangelical voters say Trump is the man who will change the world.

It’s hard to see how Trump fits Sarah’s image, according to most of the people who vote. They say Mr. Trump’s actions are not God-inspired. Those people know Trump’s higher power is money and the rewards that go with stealing it.


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