Grit and Glo: Online Yoga and Meditation are Changing How We Exercise


Your alarm goes off and you look at your phone and see the time. You remember that your pilates or yoga class starts in an hour, which also means you’ve got to make the drive there and back, and your bed is so warm and comfy. So you roll over and go back to sleep: another morning workout wasted. You may even feel off as you move through your day, your mind wandering back to your missed workout. Maybe you do end up going to the class, but it’s the same movements week in and week out.

This scenario happens all over the country – even the world – every single day. Wellness should be so much more than that. Working out your mind and body shouldn’t require you to leave your living room, and you certainly shouldn’t be consistently bored or stagnant in your classes. Thanks to Glo and other fitness companies, having a custom yoga class or meditation online can change the way you stay fit. Glo (formerly YogaGlo) provides yoga, pilates, and meditation at your own pace, time, and place. Learn from some of the best at your leisure. With over 3,800 classes at your fingertips in the Glo app taught by distinguished teachers in the wellness world, what are you waiting for?

Popularity of Online Fitness Classes

With data from Flurry Analytics, we know just how popular online yoga classes and other online courses have become. And the growth in this specific area is staggering.

Online Fitness Classes Glo
26% of people used their favorite fitness app more than 10 times every week.

The biggest example of how apps have changed fitness is loyalty. In 2017, most of the people using apps like Glo for meditation online, online yoga, online pilates classes and more, stayed true to one app. In fact, 96 percent of online fitness app users were loyal to just one app, with more than 75 percent opening their favorite app and using it at least twice each week. A full quarter – 25 percent – used their favorite fitness app more than 10 times every single week. And there’s no doubt that the Fitbit and other wearables have helped push users to exercise more.

While apps to help you eat right are a popular part of staying fit, those types of apps declined by more than 25 percent. Instead, we’re seeing a strong rise in mobile health and fitness apps of almost 10 percent. Health and fitness apps like Glo saw almost 50 percent growth. Glo’s studio-based app, which offers custom classes in some of the most popular fitness disciplines, is well on its way to overtaking time in the studio.

So, is working out truly seasonal? Even taking an online yoga class or pilates shows that it is. Like regular fitness classes, humans tend to work out the least around the holidays and the most in January after the holiday gluttony is over. The summer is also a popular time for meditation online and online pilates, with users opening and using their fitness apps around 25 percent more than they do on average throughout the year.

Glo Yoga App
The Glo app allows you to discover curated class selections, personalize your experience, and download classes for offline viewing.

While the appeal of mobile health and fitness is obvious, the ease of Glo’s app is relatively unmatched. When showing up to a workout class you commute to, what you show up for is what you’re getting. A workout app gives you that freedom to workout from wherever, but a lot of fitness apps also tout courses like “Five-Minute Pilates” or “Seven-Minute Booty Shaper.” What about those seeking a more realistic and well-rounded wellness routine? Glo has courses for yoga, HIIT, mobility, pilates, and mediation. Mix and match courses, teachers, and your routine however you see fit.

We all know how popular yoga is, whether you’re talking about yoga for beginners or even advanced meditation. But it’s this next-level idea of combining technology with yoga, pilates, and mediation that is changing fitness forever. Here’s a look at the roots of yoga and other types of fitness and how we got where we are today.

Yoga: How It All Began

Glo - history of yoga Thousands of years ago, long before online yoga classes became all the rage, yoga was in its infancy. The very origins of yoga – and when it was discovered – have been known to cause heated arguments among purists. Finally, many yoga enthusiasts settled on 3,000 B.C. as the time when the first hints of yoga appeared by way of stone figures practicing yoga poses.

While the current iteration of yoga and online yoga is one that concentrates mostly on the physical aspect of fitness, in the beginning, yoga was highly spiritual. Early yoga in India counted the practice as one that combined the metaphysical and spiritual sides. The goal? Divine enlightenment of both the soul and heart.

As yoga began becoming more popular, different schools of beginner yoga and even advanced yoga began to develop across India. This is why when you seek out a “yoga for beginners” class, you have a lot of options, from Kundalini to Hatha to Vinyasa and beyond.

Glo online yoga
Glo’s online yoga courses features 12 unique yoga styles.

There are six schools of Orthodox Hindu practice, and yoga is one of these philosophical schools. Yoga even has its very own book of central text: the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The most classical form of yoga is one that has many followers and admirers: Raj Yoga, also known as Ashtanga Yoga.

Glo : ashtanga yogaAshtanga yoga, especially for newer users, is not always on the list of yoga for beginners, because it tends to be faster and more challenging for both online yoga classes and offline ones. But new yoga users can tackle these asanas if they feel ready and are up for the physical challenge.

Hatha yoga, on the other hand, has lost any real specificity over the years, with the name being used to describe a broad spectrum of yoga poses that tend to be on the gentler side. Relying on deep breathing exercises called pranayama, Hatha is used to bring peace to the body and mind, and with a slower flow, it is the perfect starting point for yoga beginners.

Another popular type of yoga for beginners is Vinyasa yoga, also known as Vinyasa Flow. This type of gentle and slow yoga synchronizes breathing with poses and flows from one posture to the next. Asanas are seamless and linked via breathing, creating a sort of “movement meditation” that is accessible to beginner users of online yoga classes in particular.

The Rise of Online Yoga Classes

Glo online yoga classes

In the early 20th century, Americans began exploring the health benefits of yoga. While still seen as an exotic type of exercise that was deeply tethered to Hinduism, it started gaining a more accepted, mainstream status among many groups, but it was particularly associated with hippies.

In the 1980s, however, yoga experienced a serious boom in popularity. When Dean Ornish, a famous doctor and researcher, began championing yoga’s effect of helping reduce heart disease, Americans fully embraced yoga for the first time.

As of 2018, there were 6,000 yoga studios in the United States, with attendees citing both stress release and flexibility as reasons for practicing. In fact, between 2012 and 2016, America saw a 50 percent boost in the number of people practicing yoga. And while 36 million Americans were counted as practicing yoga, many began using online yoga apps to do custom workouts from home through videos, gaming consoles, and, eventually, apps like Glo’s.

As people began using online yoga apps like Glo, with unlimited yoga, meditation, and pilates for a monthly fee, they began to experience the distinct advantages of using the app whenever and wherever they wanted to. App-based online yoga delivers significant advantages, including:


Glo yoga membership Even with an online yoga class that offers classes whenever you need them, taught by some of the country’s top instructors, the clear advantage to apps is the price. When you travel to a studio to practice yoga, the owner of the studio must pay for yoga instructors, rent, insurance, state taxes, other employees, a cleaning crew, and more. This typically rolls up into the price paid by the users, which often makes yoga classes more expensive, even with autopay or paying month-by-month. I’ve paid as much as $150 for an unlimited yoga membership with a local studio while only making it to a few classes per week, not to mention an average drop-in cost of $20 per class if you don’t have a membership. With a price of just $18 per month for Glo’s online app, which features unlimited classes, the discount is substantial and adds up quickly.


Glo online yoga app allows you to do yoga at any time Need to do a round of Hatha at 2:00 am? Want to catch a class very early in the morning, in the middle of the afternoon, or at dusk? With a fitness yoga app, you can catch a pre-recorded online yoga class or enjoy meditation or pilates online at any time. You can even integrate your online yoga with other commitments, such as taking a 20-minute break for Hatha yoga while visiting relatives during Christmas or finding your zen with online meditation in the middle of the workday. You decide when you’ll practice.


yoga online pilates onlineHow many times have you gotten up for your pilates or yoga class and found that your nicest clothes were dirty? And what’s clean? Those track pants that you only wear when you’re cleaning the house. Would you step out of your comfort zone to wear something that you’d barely throw on to grab mail from the mailbox? If you care about your appearance in the gym or studio – as most of us do – this scenario is painfully real. When taking a yoga or pilates online class, you wear exactly what you want.


yoga class This is where online fitness apps really stand out. When you’re in a class, you naturally compete with others. It’s inevitable. You’re almost forced to strengthen your pose, improve your lines, and hold longer. And that person behind you? They are doing the same thing. With online yoga classes, online meditation, and online pilates, your yoga practice really becomes yours. You can make improvements at your own pace, as well as take a little extra time for you.


In a typical yoga class, the instructor teaches groups as large as 25 people. Thanks to these large groups, your own yoga journey isn’t always what it could be. With online yoga classes, the focus is strictly on you. One instructor. One student. By being the only one in your Glo online yoga class, you’ll be more relaxed and less self-conscious. It becomes easier to focus deeper on your individual practice.

Elena Brower Glo Meditation Online

Glo also has classes like “Dissolve into Stillness” or “Meet Every Moment” with Glo instructor Elena Brower. Meet Every Moment (for yoga levels 1–2) is great to do when times are a bit chaotic; it’s a calming 30-minute practice that involves standing postures, backbends, and forward bends. Elena prepares for her Glo classes by constantly taking notes while teaching and studying. She aims for her yoga courses to stabilize, strengthen, and emotionally enrich Glo users. Her meditation courses zero in on stress release, sharpening mental focus, and fostering a more tranquil perspective.

Meditation Online Wherever and Whenever

Glo meditation online

Stability. Calm. Clear thinking. Focus. Meditation, the practice of achieving these states by focusing the mind, is practiced by people around the world and has many science-based benefits. In fact, online fitness has grown by leaps and bounds, and meditation has played a huge role in this massive expansion. One online meditation app was recently evaluated at almost $1 billion.

Meditation online can reduce stress, minimize depression, and reduce pain. A practice that also began during prehistoric times, meditation was, from the very beginning, a tool for enlightenment and self-improvement. So, what can one expect in an app-based meditation online class like one you’d experience in the Glo app?

Glo’s online meditation course offering is stacked. Classes range from as short as 5 minutes to as long as 30. Glo’s meditation online often focuses on a specific life scenario, including meditation for frustrated parents and mindful mornings, when you need that extra bit of calm to start out the day. Classes generally use just a few props, like a blanket, block, bolster, or nothing at all. Your online meditation can take place almost anywhere, and it is personalized to what you need at the time.

Though many have touted the benefits of mindful meditation, especially of the online variety, science has finally backed up most of the health claims associated with meditation. Beyond the reduction of stress, which is probably the most obvious health benefit, meditation online and off has been proven to reduce short attention span and a wandering mind, cut back on age-related memory loss, and enhance self-awareness.

Glo gives you access to the best online yoga classes, meditation, and even pilates at your fingertips 24/7. Whether you’re in for a marathon online yoga session or a breezy five-minute meditation, you can dive right in.


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