Brian Unmacht’s Life in the Drugstore Industry

Brian Unmacht, Drugstore Industry
Brian Unmacht's Life in the Drugstore Industry

When one thinks of individuals with significant experience in the drugstore industry, perhaps one of the first people that comes to mind is Brian Unmacht. Unmacht is a rare soul who has been involved in the industry for the entirety of his life, even including early childhood. As an adolescent, he aided his father in the running of their family-owned business, and from that point forward, he developed an unyielding passion for the field of business.

Although he was raised in the industry, Unmacht is no fool. He is more than aware of the need to receive a proper education before reaching success in business; that much is evident to anyone who is genuinely serious about the industry. However, after getting the education he was more than aware he needed, Unmacht refused to stop there. Instead, he immediately launched himself into the world of the American drugstore business, and, though he saw problems with the industry that he swore to himself he would aid in solving throughout his career, he was enamored with its inner-workings, and he knew that to be involved with them was his absolute purpose in life.

Having worked three decades at REI after his education, it is safe to say that Unmacht became extremely experienced in his field. Thirty years is more than most are able to hold a job, but for Unmacht, it was a simple matter of following that which inspired him. He was recognized for his intense passion, and as a result of it, he was inducted into Bartell Drugs as the fourth CEO. Keep in mind that though he is only the fourth, the business has been operating for a jaw-dropping 126 years. Hiring a CEO, therefore, is no light matter, and heavy consideration was necessary before the decision was made. However, at the end of the day, it would have been impossible for Bartell Drugs to find someone more suitable for the job.

In the present day, Unmacht is focused on leveraging local partnerships. His goal is to raise the flag of Bartell Drugs so high that the entire nation will be enamored by its beauty. Unmacht is not the sort of person who would ever sacrifice quality for profit, so he works hard every day to ensure that his customers are getting nothing but the best possible products and service the drug industry has to offer. In the modern era, drugstores are one of the most vital places of exchange, and Unmacht is well aware of this fact. It is because of this that he wants to build the strongest company in the drugstore industry our country’s history has ever seen.

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