Pelosi Kicked Mike Pence Out Of His Office On The House Side Of The Capitol


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made headlines recently when she said Donald Trump’s is not worth the aggravation that comes with impeaching him. Pelosi knows impeaching a president is not a popular political move, and it could backfire on the Democrats. Voters might think the Democrats want to try to take Trump down before the election rather than go one-on-one during the 2020 campaign.

Most Democrats would like to get Trump out of office before the election, but Pelosi believes that’s not going to happen. So she put the impeachment talk to rest, and she’s focusing on finding enough evidence through the Congressional investigations to show American voters than Mr. Trump is not only a certified chronic liar, but he also profits personally while he soils the constitution.

The Mueller report rumors continue to fly around Washington, but no one is sure what the report will actually say concerning Trump’s involvement with the Russians during the 2016 campaign. Investigators know his campaign officials had numerous contacts with Russian operatives, but there isn’t any proof that Trump was aware or order his son, Manafort, Stone, Flynn, Gates, or Papadopoulos to make deals with the Russians, according to the Washington Post.

Mr. Trump continues to call the Mueller investigation a “witch hunt,” and he calls the investigations in New York, “Harassment.” The Southern District of New York is in the process of piecing Trump’s business dealings together to prove the Trump Organization operated like the New York mob. New York prosecutors want to prove Trump violated the RICO Act. That act brought down several New York Crime families when Rudy Giuliani was a New York prosecutor.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer know Trump is in hot water. And they also know Vice President Mike Pence is Trump’s eyes and ears in Congress because former speaker Paul Ryan gave Pence an honorary office on the House side of Capitol Hill. Ryan gave Pence an office there even though he has an office on the Senate side of the Capitol. But Ryan and Pence used to be buds when Pence served in Congress. But Pelosi kicked Pence out of that honorary office recently to get him out of sight.

Mr. Pence is an annoyance, and a snoop, as well as an evangelical bigot, and Pelosi wants him to do his Trump-thumping somewhere else. Pence seems to pop up around the globe singing the praises of Donald Trump. He backs up the hate that Trump supports, according to the Times.


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