Trump Thinks Going Rambo On The Southern Border Would Make A Big Difference


House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings believes there could be a constitutional crisis brewing over the Mueller report. Attorney General Bill Barr might not release all the information in the report, according to the New York Times. Barr wants to redact grand jury information, and that’s a deal-breaker according to Cummings. According to the Democrats, Barr wants to protect the president from the damaging information in the Mueller report.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the press Barr’s summary slapped Americans in the face. Pelosi believes Barr wants to keep the truth away from Congress, and the public, even though there is overwhelming support from both sides of the aisle to release the full report.

Congressman Cummings wants to unseal the redacted information, but Barr won’t do that, according to several news reports. Even Fox News Judge Andrew Napolitano thinks the Mueller report has evidence in it that would prove Trump colluded with Russians during the campaign. And he thinks Trump may also be guilty of obstruction of justice.

The president is too busy bashing Mexico, Jesse Smollett, and Adam Schiff to worry about what Napolitano thinks. He got news that China companies are in the process of setting up factories in Mexico to avoid Trump’s tariffs. Mexico’s economy is on fire thanks to Trump’s tariffs, according to the Washington Post.

While U.S. negotiators try to force China to do what Trump wants, the Chinese are in the process of putting trade deals together with Italy, Brazil, and other countries. Those deal will help offset Trump’s tariffs. Trump wants a trade talk win, but when all the smoke clears, China will come out ahead, according to economists who follow Trump foreign and domestic agendas. Most economists say U.S. economic growth is slow and getting slower, thanks to Trump’s tariffs, government shutdown, and his out-of-control spending.

But despite all the signs that the United States is on its way to a constitutional crisis, Mr. Trump keeps making statements that make no sense. He threatened to close the Southern border in one of his tweet storms. Mr. Trump claims other countries employ machine guns on their borders to keep immigrants out.

The president said he can’t do that, but he also said machine gun fire is an effective border protection tool. Mr. Trump blamed Mexico for all the border trouble. Trump can’t blame it on Schiff or Smollett so Mexico is always the enemy when things don’t go his way.


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