Trump’s New Budget Is Just Another Prop In His Election Campaign


Somewhere in the psyche of Donald Trump lies a normal man who goes by the book and has respect for all humans. But in Trump’s current psyche lies a wiseguy. He disrespects respect and celebrates mobster bosses. Trump is a wiseguy who learned from the best minds in New York’s criminal underworld, and then he did it his way.

Mr. Trump shows the world his psychopathic psyche every time he sends a tweet or holds one of those marathon campaign rallies. Trump’s a master of deceit, and an expert at painting a mental picture of a fear that doesn’t exist, according to several news articles. Then, when the fear takes hold in the minds of others, he tells them how he will fix that fear without knowing how to do it. If he fixed it, he would have to tell the truth. And Trump’s truthful guy sits in a corner of Trump’s mind tied to a chair of egocentric excesses and inflated feelings of grandeur.

Trump’s 2020 budget is a history-making piece of political garbage. There’s been a lot of big spenders in the White House and Congress. But Donald Trump makes them all look like small time thinkers. Trump goes big when he wants something. He’s not afraid of embarrassment. He can’t feel that emotion in his current psyche, according to psychological profiles.

The president’s $4.75 trillion budget shows Trump wants to spend five percent more on the military in 2020. He wants to build a space force, and he wants to cut funding on important domestic programs to do that, according to the New York Times. The new budget is his new election battle cry.

To show the world, he holds a grudge, he wants another $8.6 billion to finish building the wall he never started. The walls on the border were there when Trump was offering Putin a free penthouse in 2016.

The Trumpster’s old “Make America Great Again” slogan is no longer needed. All those red hat wearers will have to put that one in the Goodwill pile. Mr. Trump claims he did an A+ job fulfilling all his campaign promises. So the 2020 campaign slogan is “Keep America Great.”

Obviously, the word great has an entirely different meaning in his current mental state. New hats, banners, and all things Trump will come states like Florida. Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and maybe Ohio when Trump hears what Mueller has to say.

The National Republican Party has Trump’s back this time around. But that won’t be enough to get Congress to pass his budget or for him to win the election, according to the Washington Post.


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