Art Peck: Making Decisions That Change the World


The CEO of Gap, the popular clothing business, is Art Peck. Mr. Peck became the chief officer in the early months of 2015. Before that, he was involved with the Gapโ€™s Red lineup, which ran into 2006. His colorful campaign collaborated with other clothing businesses, such as the sports outfitters Nike and Converse.

Art Peck earned an MBA from Harvard in the late 70’s. Previously he attended school in Los Angeles. Before starting working with Gap, he worked as a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group.

Art Peck Works to keep Gap products as sustainable as possible, and he prides himself on keeping the company on the cutting edge when it comes to textiles. Some of the sustainability Gap has worked into their products includes selecting products under the umbrella of human rights and environmental protection policies. Peck helped Gap join a global cause to use better cotton materials that were produced in a more earth-friendly way. The cotton Gap uses to produce many of its clothing products come from sustainable resources.

Art Peck has worked to save rainforest also, which affects the climate around the world. He has made sure that Gap selected fibers that did not endanger existing land and trees. Peck has collaborated with not-for-profit organizations that work to maintain the rainforest that are still surviving today.

Of course, plastic water bottles have been in the forefront of today’s environmental issues. Under Art Peck’s leadership, there have been some ingenious uses of recycled plastic materials. These recycled materials can become new fabrics, so instead of water bottles filling up dumps, they can become pants and tops made from recycled bottles.

Some of the clothing designs that you will find it the Gap that are made from Mr. Peckโ€™s decisions are the popular cargo pants. Cargo pants are comfort-fitting slacks with several pockets in the front back and sides. They have become a tradition at the Gap. New styles of clothing made from sustainable material are in their active and workout gear department. These workout clothes are designed to flex and move with the body and helps keep the individual feeling comfortable. They are breathable and machine washable.

Art Peck is not only looking for innovative ways to keep Gap in the forefront of global fashion clothing but he is making sure to make a difference in the planet with the products Gap uses and sales.


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