A Business Overview Of Ken M. Spooner Farms


One of the oldest businesses in the state of Washington is Spooner Farms. It has been around since 1882 and it now being operated by the sixth generation of Spooner family members. The farm is made up of five parcels of land that comprise roughly 500 acres. Each of the parcels are utilized for a specific task. The biggest money maker for the company is the sale of raspberry bushes on a wholesale basis. These are sold to people who plan to use the bushes for commercial purposes. The land that the raspberry bushes are grown on is fumigated. The bushes are in an area that is completely isolated. This helps to prevent the possibility of cross-pollination. It also helps to protect all of the plants from any viruses.

The raspberry bushes that are grown by Spooner Farms eventually get sold to businesses that are located all over the country and other parts of the world. The Washington State Department of Agriculture makes regular inspections of the property to make sure that all local and state regulations are being followed. Ken M. Spooner Farms also owns several other properties that they use to grow other food items besides raspberries. There are also several areas that the public can use for recreational purposes.

The Spooner family began farming in the city of Puyallup in 1882. There is a big farm in the city of Olympia that is owned by Tim Spooner. He also owns a company called Spooner Berry Farms. This is located in the city of Yelm. The various businesses owned by the Spooner family contribute a great deal to the local economies of the cities they operate in. They employ many of the residents of the surrounding areas. Besides raspberries, some of the other foods grown at Spooner Farms are pumpkins, sweet corn and a wide variety of berries.

One of the reasons why the business has been so successful for well over a century has to do with the very unique climate in the state of Washington. It is the perfect environment to grow the raspberry bushes and other crops that they have sold for all these years. There are many other parts of the United States that are not fortunate enough to have the same type of climate where raspberry bushes can thrive. Growers from these parts of the country with harsher climates are some of the best customers of Spooner Farms.

There have been rumors over the years that the Spooner family would sell the business. However, that has not happened as of yet. The family prides itself on being a big employer in the region. They also like to provide high quality agricultural products to all of their loyal customers. One of the main reasons why their family business has thrived for so many generations is their constant commitment to quality. This has ensured that the people who buy their products will keep coming back again and again. These people also recommend Spooner Farms to their friends and family members.

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