Cactus Feeders: A Conduit For Change


Cactus Feeders takes a different approach to world hunger than most companies involved with beef and pork production around the country. While others are concerned with how they can maximize production for the sake of increasing their company’s profits, Cactus Feeders’ main priority is to feed the people, which, in their eyes, is what a food company ought to be all about.

To them, hunger is a huge issue, both nationally and internationally. While some are ignorant enough to think that everyone in America is eating well, most of us know that the reality is far from this. It would be nice if everyone who worked was able to earn a decent living, at least enough to eat properly, but this is not always the case.

That is where Cactus Feeders comes into play. When they notice that a community is struggling with hunger, the company can hardly sit idly by and watch while they suffer. Their company is centered in integrity and idealism, and the core principles of the company would never allow for the neglect of a fellow human simply out of selfishness. This much is not productive for the evolution of mankind. There are 800 employees involved in the company, and every single one of them is devoted to the cause of aiding people and pulling out of the rut of starvation. When you have that many people in a mass who are passionate about a certain cause, there tends to be significant progress made towards the direction of that cause. This case is no exception to this rule, and the company has made endless philanthropic contributions to the world to aid national and international hunger, and at the rate they are going, they are not bound to stop their charitable efforts anytime soon.

Cactus Feeders is a group just like any other business, and despite its size, it requires all the same things that small-time farms need to run smoothly. Namely, they need a passionate employee base full of people that are interested in getting a job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. This demographic of people is one of the most important to progression of human society. With them, issues can find solutions much faster. It is as though these individuals are catalysts for change that ultimately make the final push towards progression that our world desperately needs.

In this, Cactus Feeders is simply a conduit for a message of social change that reaches further and greater than the company could have ever hoped for on their own. The small efforts they make to help their communities end up piling up on top of one another until the result is a stack of contributions to the world that really makes a huge difference in the long-run. Many people like to be pessimistic about the fate of humanity, but these people are not found within the walls of Cactus Feeders. This is a company entirely consistent of individuals whose yearning for progress exceeds that of nearly any ordinary person.

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