Democrat Pete Buttigieg Lays Some LGBT Facts On Mike Pence


The president has a lot of political balls in the air. The immigration issue is the foundation of his presidency. And it looks like all that success he claimed when illegal immigrant numbers went down in 2016 is now back to haunt him. More than 56,000 illegal immigrants came into the United States in March 2019. Illegal immigrants scored a 12-year high thanks to Trump’s threat to close the border, according to the Washington Post.

Trump fired his Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for taking a trip to Europe while he blamed three Central American countries and Mexico as well as Congress for the immigration mess he ignited. That political fire was on simmer until Trump came unglued. Congress wanted to wait until they got a ruling on Trump’s emergency declaration before they came to Trump’s rescue, according to the New York Times. The Democrats might help Trump mop up his border wall mess if he shows them how he manages not to pay any income taxes.

Attorney General Bill Barr sat in front of a Congressional committee and tried to act like he gave a shit this week. Barr has one of those MAGA tattoos on his shoulder blade. So Bill keeps Trump’s wishes in mind, according to the New York Times.

Barr’s version of the Mueller Report will hit Congress next week. Pelosi has a problem with that version, but that’s what she’ll get during the battle to keep Trump above the law. Vice President Mike Pence has his hands full now that Democrat Pete Buttigieg is in the 2020 race. Mr. Buttigieg is the mayor of Indianapolis. And he is a member of the LGBT community.

Mike and Pete know each other. Mike said he liked Pete even though Mike Pence is a self-proclaimed LGBT hater, according to the New York Times. Governor Mike Pence almost shut down the state of Indiana when he signed a bill that advocated LGBT discrimination. Pence had to tear up the bill, but he still attends a Christian church that hates the LGBT community. Buttigieg told Pence he forgot about real Christian teachings when he decided to worship Trump.

Karen Pence, Mike’s loyal wife, and LGBT hater tried to get Buttigieg to admit Pence was always nice to him in public and at political gatherings. Karen didn’t think Buttigieg would have a comeback for that remark. But Pete let Karen know that he knows Mike Pence is a phony. Mr. Buttigieg may not win the Democratic nomination but he’s made a huge impact on the credibility of every word that comes out of Mike Pence’s mouth, according to his campaign followers.


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