Elizabeth Warren: Legal Scholar, Senator And Presidential Candidate


Elizabeth Warren is currently serving as the senior United States Senator from the state of Massachusetts. In addition to her service in the Senate, she is currently campaigning for the Democratic Presidential Nomination for the 2020 election.

Senator Warren was not born into a privileged background. By her own admission, her family was barely in the middle class. Senator Warren’s father worked as a salesman and a custodian. When she was only 13 years old, Senator Warren started working as a waitress in a local restaurant.

Education was the key in Elizabeth Warren’s rise to her current position. She was a prominent debater in school. Due to her debating abilities, Elizabeth Warren received a scholarship to attend George Washington University. She attended for two years.

In 1968, Elizabeth Warren was married to her first husband who is the father of her two children. The couple moved to Houston, Texas. There, Senator Warren enrolled in the University of Houston and completed her bachelor’s degree program.

Eventually, the Warren’s would move to New Jersey where Elizabeth graduated from Rutgers University with a law degree. Senator Warren would then embark on a what would become a prestigious career as a legal scholar and professor.

Elizabeth Warren’s first academic post was at Rutgers. From there, she moved on to the University of Houston Law Center where she would later become an associate dean. Warren would serve as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School before becoming a professor at Harvard Law School.

While she was a legal professor, Senator Warren became noted as a specialist and expert in the field of bankruptcy law. In 2005, the US Congress was set to vote on bankruptcy reforms that would limit the rights of people to file for bankruptcy. Elizabeth Warren vigorously opposed this legislation, but it ultimately passed into law.

In 2008, Elizabeth Warren was given the task of overseeing the TARP program. In 2010, she was an advocate for the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. President Obama asked Warren to set up the new agency, but she was not chosen to be the agency’s first director.

In 2012, a US Senate seat was coming up for election in Massachusetts. Elizabeth Warren decided to run against Republican Scott Brown. She was successful in her election bid, and she was successfully re-elected in 2018.

During her tenure in the Senate, Senator Warren has been a vocal advocate for consumer rights and protection. During the first two years of the Trump Administration, Senator Warren has been a critic of President Trump, and she is often the target of his Twitter opinions.

Recently, Senator Warren has announced her candidacy for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. She has made the decision not to accept any donations from PACs. She was one of the first candidates to release multiple years of tax records for examination by the general public.


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