A Look At Kurt Weiss Greenhouses


For over 400 years, Kurt Weiss Greenhouse has been one of the largest growing operations in The United States. Kurt Weiss has multiple greenhouse locations and several partnerships with different affiliate companies. Through all of the networking, Kurt Weiss has the ability to serve many different channels throughout the horticulture industry.

Kurt Weiss strives to provide the best flowers and plants to their customers. Every plant that the greenhouse grows has its own unique set of requirements. Kurt Weiss has a dedicated team that strives to find the best plant genetics to help each plant reach its maximum potential. The logistics team helps ensure that each plant is delivered on time. Kurt Weiss Greenhouses have a sales team that goes to every store to make sure that the plants are properly maintained. Kurt Weiss expects each and every customer to be satisfied.

The origins of The Kurt Weiss Greenhouses can be traced back to the grandchildren of German Immigrant Otto Muller, who came to The United States around 1900. Muller established a partnership in New York that lead to the opening of many greenhouse operations. Muller’s son in law Kurt Weiss helped develop a new facility that was purchased in East Meadow. Eventually the operation was named after Kurt Weiss. As the markets started to change from retail flower shops to larger grocery chains, Muller’s grandson Russell Weiss bought Dupuy Greenhouses and Daurenheim Inc. Over the next several years, the company had millions of sales. Kurt Weiss decided to expand, and several new locations were built throughout The East Coast.

Core Values
Kurt Weiss recognizes that the most important part of their business is serving the people. Kurt Weiss has over 1,000 employees that are passionate and creative. Kurt Weiss has attracted young people who have attended some of the best universities in The United States. Kurt Weiss seeks to promote diversity and culture in the workplace.


Kurt Weiss Greenhouses grow their own line of hydrangeas. They are consistently looking for superior genetics and new varieties. Some of the featured varieties include Strawberries & Cream, Snowball, Hot Red, Pink Sensation, and Bela.

Basil Tree
Kurt Weiss recently added The Basil Tree to its collection. Basil is used throughout the World due to its unique depth and flavor. The Basil Tree is considered a great holiday and birthday gift.

Cow Pots
Cow Pots are popular because they allow for unrestricted root growth. They also help eliminate transplant shock and quickly break down after planting.

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