President Trump Forbids Members of Administration from Attending White House Correspondents Dinner


United States President Donald Trump voiced his displeasure with his treatment by the national media via Twitter on Tuesday. And in a move that is seen as retaliation by many close to the situation, the president has ordered members of his administration to not attend Saturday’s Correspondent’s Dinner at the White House.

Trump had already made it known he would be a no show for the dinner. He is choosing instead to spend Saturday at a political rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The president has now decided the dinner is off-limits to all of his staff and administration.

Cabinet Secretary for the White House Bill McGinley was tasked with informing the staff they were not allowed to attend dinner at the White House on Saturday. The announcement caused a stir among members of the president’s staff due to the fact a number of staff members had already agreed to attend the event.

Trump has battled mainstream media throughout his presidency and has repeatedly referred to these news outlets as ‘fake news.’ He urges his supporters to get their news from the Fox News Channel. The president has not attended a Correspondents Dinner while acting as president of the country. He has also instructed Sarah Sanders, White House press secretary, to discontinue her daily addresses to the media.

The media criticism the president endures has reached a fevered pitch in the days following the release of Robert Mueller’s report on Russian meddling into the 2016 presidential election. The report was conclusive in its finding that the president did whatever he could to derail the investigation. The report failed, however, to identify a crime that was committed by the president.

An early morning tweet from Trump suggested that he should be above media criticism as a president who has produced a well-performing economy. He went on to say he may have produced the best economy the country has ever seen and it means nothing to the mainstream media.

The Correspondent Association Dinner at The White House has been attended on most occasions by the active president since its inception in 1914. The group honors the First Amendment and raises money to provide scholarships to students.

The keynote speaker for the dinner will be historian Ron Chernow.

Oliver Knox is the president of the Correspondents’ Association. Knox says he is looking forward to spending the evening with journalists of all ages who feel the First Amendment should be honored.


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