Trump’s Threat To Close The Southern Border Would Have A Major Impact On American Consumers


Former Vice President Joe Biden isn’t officially running for president yet, but that didn’t stop one Democrat from ruffling Biden’s political feathers. According to Lucy Flores, a Nevada state legislator, Joe gave her a kiss on the top of the head while he held both of his hands on her shoulders several years ago. Lucy claims she didn’t know what to think when Biden did that to her. She didn’t say much about it at the time. But now that the #MeToo movement is front and center, Lucy let the country know Biden acts a little weird around the women he comes in contact with during political events.

Mr. Biden denies he acts inappropriately around women. Mr. Biden claims he does show expressions of affection, comfort, and support, but he never acts like a dirty old man hungry for a little female love. But when the Lucy Flores story hit the newswires, pictures of Joe hugging and kissing women surfaced, and that didn’t help Joe’s chances of this debacle going away soon.

The interesting part about the Flores story is it brings back memories of Biden’s behavior during the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings. Biden sided with Judge Thomas when there was obvious proof that Thomas crossed the line when he interacted with Hill. Biden is the Democratic front-runner in spite of the Flores claim. He’s ten points ahead of Bernie Sanders in the polls.

President Trump got a laugh out of the Biden debacle. Anyone or anything related to Obama is fair game for Trump’s wrath, according to the Washington Post. But Trump didn’t have a lot to say about Biden’s alleged indiscretions. The president has the Southern border on his mind, and he may make another move that could cost consumers money as well as aggravation.

Trump told the press he will close the border unless Mexico steps up and stops the immigrants who keep banging on the Southern border door. More than 95,000 immigrants wanted to come in that door during the month of March. That number keeps Trump awake at night.

If Trump follows through and closes the border, supply chains would fall apart, food stores would raise prices, and a plethora of lawsuits would hit the courts. Closing the border is not a fix for the immigration issue, according to the Washington Post. Mr. Trump’s decisions keep hurting the economy.


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