Belinda Stronach’s Life As A Businesswoman, Philanthropist And Politician


Belinda Stronach is a businesswoman, a former Canadian Member of Parliament and a philanthropist.

Horse Racing Reforms

Last month, Belinda Stronach, CEO of the Stronach Group, spoke to the L.A. Times about the changes she’s instituted at Santa Anita horse racing track, which the Stronach Group owns. Her reforms include stopping the practice of giving horses Lasix on race days and prohibiting jockeys from using a whip except in an emergency. She wants the public to have confidence in the sport and its commitment to horse welfare.

Belinda Stronach is instrumental in modernizing the Stronach Group, which owns four other racetracks, two training centers and two wagering companies, and introducing younger people to horse racing both at the venues and online. She brought in a chief technology officer to develop an app for novice and expert bettors. Her master plan for Gulfstream Park, as well as the other tracks the Stronach Group owns, includes a village built around the racetrack, It will have hotels, more retail and expanded food and beverage service.

Stronach’s Philanthropy

Also a philanthropist, Belinda Stronach founded the Belinda Stronach Foundation in 2008. The foundation focuses on global initiatives, women and girls and aboriginal youth. Stronach takes an active role in the foundation, serving on the board, hosting events and even joining other executives who slept outside on a very cold night with only cardboard and a blanket to bring awareness to the challenges homeless youth face. Stronach also raised funds to finance the University of Toronto’s Belinda Stronach Chair in Breast Cancer Reconstructive Surgery. In 2003, Stronach won the Beth Shalom Humanitarian Award.

Political Contributions to Women

Once a moderate voice of the Conservative Party, Stronach joined the Liberal Party in 2005. Women’s issues became a priority for Belinda Stronach. As Chair of the Liberal Women’s Caucus, she led the creation of The Pink Book, which suggested methods for dealing with pressing economic and social issues facing women. Stronach received the In Celebration of Women: Achievements and Initiatives award in 2005 and the EVE award from Equal Voice in 2010. Equal Voice’s mission to to see more women participate in Canadian politics.

Return to Business

Stronach returned to life as a businesswoman in 2007, saying she wanted to spend more time with her two children. She returned to Magna International where she started work in 1985, but then left the company her father started. She and her father then started The Stronach Group in 2011.


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