The Best Way To Experience Spooner Farms


A food industry pioneer, Spooner Farms, puts an incredible emphasis on delivering the highest quality production. For optimal production and growth of its berries, it uses proper plant care techniques. The company cultivates some of the sweetest Washington-grown boysenberries, Obsidian, raspberries, Kotata, and Triple Crown blackberries, etc. With a critical focus on soil selection, they’ve avoided compaction and achieved maximum maturity of their berries. Poor soil aeration causes berry plant roots to rot. Similarly, soils leaden with hardpan (clay) humus create unfavorable conditions for berry plants.

Spooner Farms operates one of the largest berry plants in Washington State. It’s a family-owned farm, based in Puyallup. The co-founder Antone Spooner is a Canadian immigrant. At just 15, he joined his elder brother in California. He tended to his brother’s farmstead for a decade before he decided to relocate. Mr. Spooner also spent considerable hours working at various sawmills across the city. Life in Willow wasn’t his ideal, as the golden city’s droughty climate proved unbearable.

He traversed the northern territory, enjoyed a transient sojourn, in Walla Walla County, Washington, and later settled in Pierce County. While there, he met Joseph Wallace, who became a close friend, brother-in-law and trusted business colleague. The two purchased a sizable piece of farmland (80 acres), which they shared fairly between themselves. They came into a partnership and established Spooner Farms. Their friendship also inspired a Puyallup romance, which united both families, as Spooner espoused Mary Wallace, Joseph’s sister in 1891. The newlyweds nurtured the farmstead and shaped a community, that preserved the spirited family culture of homely hospitality. It’s a Spooner Farms tradition that has survived generations.

The farm kicks off the summer with the healthiest strawberry harvest. A bountiful season follows, near summer’s end (July/August), with a cloudburst of blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Corn crops also come to maturity around this time. Autumn chronicles a festive period at Spooner Farms, where it showcases its collection of variegated squash delights, pumpkins, and gourds. They’re the tastiest ornamental edibles.

They’ve added refreshing fruit smoothies, lip-smacking caramel apples, and mouth-watering berry fudge treats to their list of homemade confectioneries. They also have a vast selection of seasonal gifts, decorations, sundries, etc. Want to know more about Spooner Farms? Every fall season, particularly October, extends a rare opportunity for families, school tours and visitors to experience its farmstead adventure. What awaits? Guests get to indulge their senses in action-packed activities, such as barn crafts, “Pumpkins Away!” and more. Who doesn’t get bewildered in their monstrous corn maze? The journey isn’t the same without a taste of their homestyle caramel apples.


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