Brandless Aims To Disrupt Conventional Retail Policies


The internet has fundamentally changed the way that people live their lives. From how we socialize to the way that we shop, the internet has become a true game-changer. As a result, Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler ended up brainstorming what could end up being an absolute industry revolutionizing concept. Sharkey and Leffler are the founders of Brandless, an online platform that provides customers access to non-branded products at a significantly discounted price. Sharkey and Leffler saw how traditional retail was dying, and they were put off by how much the branded corporations were inflating the prices of their products. So, what does Brandless promise to do differently?

When a product is put onto a shelf, it comes pre-packaged with a hefty price tag. The price tag that a consumer sees on the shelf has been inflated by branding, manufacturing, and even distributing expenses. Retail establishments are comfortable passing on the final bill to their consumers. Sharkey and Leffler believe that this traditional retail model can be disrupted in order to allow for massive consumer savings. This is where Brandless steps into the equation.

At Brandless, consumers have access to products in every category that any other retail shop would have access to. From food products to beauty and personal care items, customers can shop for everything that they need. While none of the products are branded with familiar names, they all come packaged with a quality guarantee and a price tag that simply cannot be beaten. Orders over $48 are shipped free and the company is never slow to offer new promotions in order to inspire new buyers. A family with a restricted budget can make their money last longer by opting for products that aren’t loaded with brand-names or the expenses that are intrinsic to their production.

Initially, Sharkey and Leffler aimed for a catalog of products that never eclipsed the $3 mark in price. However, due to their quick and effective reception, they were quick to expand their operations. While prices are never high, with most products topping out at $5 or $6, quality remains consistent, at least according to most of their consumers. Sharkey and Leffler have even made it their goal to provide organic, natural, and non-GMO products. It is clear that Brandless is tapped into the public zeitgeist, but will consumers flock to their platform?

After being in business for just over two years, Brandless already has over 300 proprietary products. Consumers from 48 states can shop and receive their products with ease and there is anticipation that their outreach will continue to grow. In 2017, the company saw an amazing $240 million investment come through so that they could try to stand toe-to-toe with industry giants like Amazon and Wal Mart. The investment that the company received would also end up valuing their work at just over $500 million. With two years of success in the industry and no signs of slowing down, it appears that Sharkey and Leffler might just be on to something.

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