China Has Canada In An Economic Hammerlock Thanks To Trump’s Trade War


Kamala Harris thinks Bill Barr is a poor excuse for an attorney general. She caught Barr hiding a deal he made with the president to investigate the president’s political opponents. Barr didn’t answer Harris when she asked him if the president asked him to investigate people who didn’t agree with his mobster agenda.

Harris believes Barr works for Trump. And she thinks Barr should be impeached. Kamala also wants to throw the president’s 2017 Tax and Job Act out with the rest of Trump’s trash if she’s elected. According to recent polls, Harris is in third or fourth place in the Democratic race.

Biden is the frontrunner, but Sanders is closing in on him as more information surfaces about Biden’s voting record. Joe is one of the old Democrats who like to help big corporations. The liberals in the party know he is still the same old capitalistic Joe.

The president doesn’t care who wins the Democratic nomination right now. He wants the Chinese to sign his trade agreement. But China won’t sign unless Canada releases the CFO of Huawei, Meng Wanzhou. Canada arrested Meng when the U.S. told Canadian officials she violated Iran sanctions. Meng is the daughter of Huawei’s founder, but she had nothing to do with violating Iran sanctions. She’s in Canadian custody so Trump can use her as a bargaining chip, according to the Washington Post.

Canada feels China’s wrath for arresting Meng. Two Canadian officials are in custody in China, and China is putting economic pressure on the country. The Canadians feel Trump left them hanging in the trade talk wind, and they want him to make a decision on Meng’s future. China wants Trump to do the same thing. But Trump won’t do that until China agrees to his trade demands.

Trump’s trade war with China and his steel and aluminum tariffs cost the United States $3 billion a month. And it looks like Trump will add a 35 percent tariff on top of the 10 percent tariff on $200 billion Chinese-made products. And if that doesn’t get the Chinese to sign his agreement, he’ll add tariffs on $300 billion more Chinese products.

Canada claims Trump has an obligation to help them mend economic fences with China. The Canadians say they wouldn’t be in this mess if they ignored the U.S. request to arrest Meng Wanzhou. China wants to include Meng’s release in the trade deal. Trump keeps dangling Meng’s in front of them, but he won’t include her in his version of a winning trade agreement.


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