Digital River: Towards Better E-commerce Services


Founded in 1994, Digital River is a privately-owned firm that offers international e-commerce as well as marketing services. Since its founding, the firm has processed over $30 billion transactions online. The company is headquartered in Minnesota. Digital River helps brands to take significant control of their future by powering e-commerce across the world. Digital River’s management is a partner in different capacities that encourage brand marketing. As such, the company is devoted to every element of e-commerce in business. It ignites a brand, takes note of fraud, besides driving delivery. It also enhances payments as well as compliance. Digital River offers services in e-commerce solutions, cloud-based billing, and physical as well as digital product fulfillment.


Additional services are export controls, cloud commerce, subscription billing solutions, online merchant services, and global online marketing. Digital River offers low-risk solutions to businesses. Being a seller and a merchant, the management takes pride in its transactional liabilities coupled with a shift toward financial risks that can be encountered from credit cards as well as banks. The company observes legal compliance, banking regulations, coupled with revenue loss situations. With its presence in 244 states and 18 local entities, the company has in-depth knowledge of customs regulations. Digital River’s SaaS commerce is prepared for worldwide expansion. Being agile, the company is often tuned for speed when it comes to operating in the global market. Digital River allows merchants to sell their products online. The e-commerce solution can be activated with confidence. Digital River understands that engaging global e-commerce shoppers needs more than a tailored message. The management has created an e-commerce platform that’s pre-configured to offer a customized experience.

Equipping its Users

Besides, Digital River has an open architecture, APIs, in addition to tools that make it simple to contextualize. Users can gain access to tailored content, promotions, and payments for specific audiences. The e-commerce clout has been designed with approximately 50 configured locales that can enable an individual to sell efficiently. The management offers a seamless shopping experience from the moment a client orders a product to the fulfillment. Members of Digital River can conduct global business everywhere. Since the banking institution has more than 190 connections across 26 locations, it sells its products in every market. Digital River understands that online shoppers have been calling the shots when it comes to e-commerce. The management allows users to deliver lofty expectations by plugging into the global network of logistics partners. It also masters the complications while equipping users with inventory tolls in order to manage preorders.


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