Hillary Clinton Thinks China Can Get Trump’s Tax Returns


Bill Barr got Democrats worked up when he told Jerry Nadler he wasn’t into taking any more abuse from senators or congressman. And he especially wasn’t into answering questions thrown at him by staff lawyers. Attorney General Barr is still recuperating from the bruises Kamala Harris inflicted on his legal ego. And he’s so mad at Hawaiian Senator Miro Hirono for calling him a liar he may never vacation in Hawaii again.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler told Barr to get his act together and come explain why he’s Trump’s fool, or he’ll find him in contempt. Mr. Barr knows the consequences, but Barr is under Trump’s spell, according to former FBI Director James Comey. Comey figured out how the president manipulates people to do and say things that conflict with their professional images. Trump calls that a personal victory.

Trump didn’t waste time bashing Kamala Harris for her nastiness. That’s a low blow coming from the king of nastiness, according to Trump haters. Mr. Trump gave Barr high marks for sitting in front of Congress acting like his attorney. The Trumpster said Barr is a legal genius who knows how to use the legal system to fool the public. It’s not what Barr says that pisses people off. It what he fails to say. He could have issued Volume II of the Mueller report sooner than he did.

Volume II is where Mueller gets real. He talks about Trump’s attempts to control the investigation and the justice department. All the obstruction and the other plans the president had to cross the legal lines are in Volume II. Delaying that volume three weeks gave Trump the protection he needed to claim total exoneration. Barr gave the public partial information. He held back the incriminating part of Mueller’s report.

Hillary Clinton seems excited to be back on the talk shows. It took her a while to heal her 2016 political wounds and to come to grips with the fact Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump made her pay a high price for being a dick towards Russia when she was head of the State Department.

Mrs. Clinton thinks the best way to get Trump’s tax returns is to ask China to get them in the same way Trump asked Russia to get him 30,000 of her emails. But Hillary stopped short of saying the Democrats should impeach Trump. She wants to give the Mueller report a chance to work. No one knows how to bring Mr. Trump down better than Robert Mueller. Bob plans to visit Congress and tell lawmakers what he thinks of Trump and Mr. Barr in May.


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