Japanese Mass Stabbing Injured 15, Kills 2


Mass shootings, bombings, stabbings, and other attacks have plagued the world over the past two decades. Although many of them have taken place in the United States, they’re still likely to happen anywhere else on the planet, even in Japan, which is one of the safest countries on planet Earth.

Just a few hours ago, an unidentified man took the lives of two people and hurt a confirmed 15 others in Kawasaki, Japan, a city roughly 15 miles away from Tokyo, the country’s capital.

The attack, which was relatively short, took place at a park in Kawasaki. Most of the people who were hurt were children, though three adults had also been stabbed. After the streak of stabbings, the perpetrator took his own life by jabbing his knife into his neck. Japanese officials believe that the man was somewhere in his 40s or 50s.

Some countries have banned weapons that are capable of inflicting tons of damage in short periods of time, such as firearms. However, even though these governments generally do a good job of keeping such weapons out of their borders, people still have access to things like knives.

The United States State Department reports that, in Japan, people cannot carry any type of knife in public, including standard, general-purpose pocket knives, box cutters, and hunting knives.

United States President Donald Trump was visiting the country at the time of the attack, though it isn’t clear if the perpetrator planned his attack around the visit or not. President Trump shared with the world his sorrow shortly after leaving the country.

According to a witness, a bus driver who worked for Caritas Elementary School, the man was holding a knife in each of his hands. News of the event originally came from NHK, Japan’s official national broadcasting agency. In the past two decades, only three other similar attacks have plagued the Japanese population.


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