Michael Cohen Gives Trump A Jab Before He Put On His Orange Jumpsuit


Wall Street just got hit with Trump’s tariff madness, and investors are in disbelief mode. All it took was Trump threatening the Chinese with more tariffs. The Chinese have a Nancy Pelosi hold on him, and he can’t seem to get what he wants. Mr. Trump’s tough negotiating tactics don’t work on the Chinese. They know the president must make a deal, and he has to lose the tariffs disease if he wants his economy to grow faster. China’s economy grows twice as fast as America’s economy, according to the last global GDP report.

China wants to do more business with the United States, and they will protect intellectual property. But they won’t tie Huawei’s hands in the global market because China is ahead of the U.S. in the global technology market. That’s not good news in terms of technological control, according to the Washington Post.

Bernie Sanders gave his pal Joe Biden a wake-up call when he let Joe know he’s ready to show him his New York side. Bernie’s voting record and Biden’s are like daylight and dark. And Biden is on the dark side, according to Bernie. Nancy Pelosi wants Biden to be her puppet when he faces Trump. Nancy knows no man can handle Trump the way she does. But Nancy will have to mend some fences with the Congressional newbies if she wants to rebuild a Democratic Party for the now, not for yesterday, according to a Post Op-ed.

Pelosi came out and gave Trump her version of the Ali shuffle when she called him a poor excuse for a human. And she let Bill Barr know she knows he’s shacking up with Trump and finding ways to create more chaos and separation in the country. Nancy told the press if the Democrats beat Trump, he might not leave office if the defeat isn’t by a wide margin. Trump, the ultimate dictator wannabe, has some of Nicolás Maduro’s genes in his DNA.

But Joe Biden wants the country to know he can beat Trump. He can take the Rust Belt away from Trump, but other parts of the country are over Biden. He’s yesterday’s news with different headlines, according to the liberals in the Party. The DNC likes Biden, but the voters aren’t sure who they want until all 21, or as many as they can fit on a stage, start throwing mud at each other.

Mr. Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen had to kiss the family goodbye. He’s off to a low-security prison to serve his three years. But he made sure he let Trump know he’s coming for him when he gets out. He told the press he has a lot more stories about Trump, and he’s ready to make some deals for the book rights.


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