How Pilot Freight Services Became Successful


There are many freight carriers around the United States. It is a very competitive industry. One of the companies that has proven itself to be one of the most respected and reliable companies in this industry is Pilot Freight Services. The story of how this company rose to the top is quite impressive indeed. The company had very humble beginnings. The first office was opened in Philadelphia way back in 1970. The company got off to a rocky start. However, the determination of the people who founded the company helped get Pilot Freight Services through all of the tough times.

In 1993, things were not going well at all for Pilot Freight Services. In fact, the company was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. It was a man named Richie Phillips who swooped in and bought the company. It was under his brilliant leadership that the company got back on its feet. It became more profitable than it ever was before he bought it. This is a testament to Richie’s knowledge of the freight industry. The company had now officially become one of the major players in the global logistics industry.

The company that is known as Pilot Freight Services provides logistics and transportation all over the world. They will make deliveries across borders. They also have the training to handle a wide variety of specialized types of cargo. They are able to ship anything internationally and within the United States. They now have their headquarters in the city of Lima, PA. They also have offices that are located in the countries of Spain and the Netherlands. The company is getting bigger and making more revenue. In fact, December 2017 broke the record for the most profitable month in the history of the business. They raked in $60 million in revenue that month.

The Chief Executive Officer of Pilot Freight Services if Gordon Branov. His expert leadership has helped the company reach heights that never could have been dreamed of before. He has helped the company achieve this success in a number of ways. First of all, Branov realized that time is money. Trucks that are out of commission are slowing down the company’s delivery schedule. Therefore, he invested in a new fleet of trucks that are more reliable than the older trucks that past regimes had been using for many years. This investment has paid off because the fleet of trucks has fewer mechanical problems.

Pilot Freight Services has been able to take a large percentage of the market in foreign countries. They have invested a lot of profits into improving their technology. They also have one of the best websites in the industry. It allows clients to place orders and see where their merchandise is in real time. This gives people the peace of mind they need when they have a lot of money invested in a particular shipment. They are fully licensed and insured. Therefore, all of their clients can rest easy that they are in very good hands.


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