Residents Fearful After Explosion Near Chicago


Residents in Illinois are dealing with the aftermath of an explosion that has no known cause. There are three people missing, and at least four people were taken to a local hospital with injuries. The explosion occurred late on Friday evening at a complex where several industrial buildings are located. The Sheriff’s Department in Lake County is trying to figure out what sparked the explosion and if there could be more in the future.

When the fire department arrived on the scene, they were met with a massive amount of rubble and four workers who needed assistance. Once they started talking to other workers, they learned that there were three more people missing. The explosion took place at AB Silicone Specialties. The company specializes in manufacturing items that have a silicone base. The explosion sent debris into the street and resulted in a massive fire that took hours to completely extinguish. Residents were asked to stay away from the area until the fire was under control and until officials were able to determine if any other explosions could happen.

There were nine workers in the building at the time. Of the nine people, six escaped. The other three could be buried in the rubble, but until rescuers secure the scene, there’s no way to tell if they are still alive. Unfortunately, the building is not stable enough for search crews to explore the debris to try to locate the people who are missing. Several agencies offered assistance to get the fire under control and to reach those who were injured. There are five buildings near the initial building where the explosion occurred that were damaged as well. The building is located about 30 miles away from Chicago. Many residents are fearful that a larger explosion could shake the city in the coming days.


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