Satisfy Your Craving At Crave Beauty Academy


Crave Beauty Academy is a cosmetology school that believes everyone should look good. Because when you look good, you also feel damn good about yourself. And each one of us definitely deserves to feel this way! Founded by Kim McIntosh, she takes her over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry to help students learn her insider tricks of the trade. Her goal is for them to be well-versed in the craft so that, in turn, they can help other people by making them look beautiful and even more confident. Kim is more than just an owner of the school, but she is its heart and soul.

This cosmetology school has two locations: one is in Wichita, Kansas and the other is in Ballwin, Missouri. Their programs are designed to help students learn skills, grow mentally, and develop more passion for the beauty industry. Their programs consists of three elements — aesthetics, nail technology, and cosmetology. The students learn by hands on instruction to ensure that they can maximize their time in the academy. The goal is by the time they graduate, they are now both competitive and successful beauty professionals that can make a good career out of their passion for beauty

Crave Beauty Academy is certified and accredited to serve you. If you’re thinking about making a career in the beauty industry, you will certainly not regret making them your school of choice. The academy’s 1500 hour cosmetology program is designed to provide all the basic skills necessary for treating hair, skin, and nails. Incorporating both classroom set up and an actual salon floor prepares students to be comfortable, so they can be at ease by the time they graduate.

The cosmetology program of Crave Beauty Academy includes hair cutting, hair design, texturing, crew men’s hair cutting system, make-up, nails, and skin care. This whole extensive package makes any student ready for their very first client. The best thing about a beauty career is there are no boundaries to your creativity. It is a booming industry and the demands are high for a highly trained beauty practitioner. On top of that, the first rate skills you’ve acquired will help you build your clientele, ensuring the return of your tuition fee investment.

The “Esthetics” program is 1000 hours in Wichita and 750 in Ballwin. The difference rests on licensing requirements and regulations. This path provides you with the skill set to deal with skin analysis, anatomy, massage, treatments, and the like. Just imagine the fun in making your own facial treatments or massage packages. It is surely rewarding to learn from the best school like Crave Beauty Academy.

The nail technology program is also accredited. Once again, the difference in requirements for each state means the number of hours are not the same. There’s 350 hours in Wichita and 400 hours in Ballwin. This program is focused on all things related to nails. It teaches about nail health. It also tackles the more exciting topics like nail enhancements, nail art, mani/pedis, and the like.

All of Crave Beauty Academy’s program prepares beauty aficionados, who want to make a career out of it, thoroughly through their well-planned curriculum. Their programs can prepare anyone to establish their own beauty business, be a make-up artist, be a technician in any spa, or be a salon owner. It essentially opens doors for students who come into its four walls. If beauty is the career path you’re craving, then most definitely Crave Beauty Academy has got you covered.


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