Keep Yourself (and Your Skin!) Hydrated This Summer with Jeunesse

Keep Yourself (and Your Skin!) Hydrated This Summer with Jeunesse

As things start heating up, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated for the summer. But this doesn’t just mean drinking water – your skin needs it too! Between sun exposure and rising temperatures, our skin can suffer during the summer months. Beyond drinking enough water, you may need to update your skincare products. Treating yourself to luxurious lotions can seem indulgent, but if that’s what’s necessary, it’s what you deserve. Lucky for us, Jeunesse Global, an international health and beauty enterprise, has created the perfect product line for these harsh summer months and all year through. Let’s take a look at Jeunesse’s Luminesce and all the benefits we can reap from this exclusive skin care line.

Fresh and Hydrated

Because summer months often bring humidity (and sweat), we can sometimes mistake our skin for hydrated when it isn’t. Though you may not experience flaky skin, under-hydrated skin can turn dull and lose its radiance, making us appear older than our age. Fine lines and wrinkles can develop around our eyes and mouth, particularly when sun exposure increases. These can be both painful and unsightly. Finding the right moisturizer to get us through the summer (hopefully with SPF!) becomes a priority.

We can look to Luminesce to fill that need. Luminesce is a dermatologist-developed skin care line from Jeunesse which can restore the moisture and youthful appearance of your skin. It is specifically developed by dermatology experts with hydration in mind, using Jeunesse’s APT-200 advanced polypeptide technology to aid in maintaining softer and smoother skin. Additionally, these scientifically-advanced hydrating products can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that develop with premature aging. Not only will you replenish moisture to your skin, your friends may begin to compliment your appearance and ask questions about why you look so radiant and youthful!

Six Reasons to Love Luminesce

First, Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser is a daily micro-exfoliant that can sweep away dead skin cells that may dull your appearance and rob you of your youthful glow. Our skin can be affected by pollutants in the air, dehydration, and choices in our diet. It is necessary to exfoliate those dead cells in order to remove the unwanted layer and reveal your bright complexion underneath. Jeunesse’s restoring cleanser is an effective and easy way to prepare your skin for the next step in your morning skin care routine.

Once you have prepared your skin with the restoring cleanser, the second step is Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex. This luxurious lotion is the perfect product to replenish lost moisture and combat the look of premature aging. This powerful moisturizer can provide all-day hydration, using refreshing blends of fruit and legume extracts and antioxidants for smoother-looking skin.

This daily moisturizing cream can also protect your skin from harmful sun rays with SPF30, reducing the appearance of fine lines and preventing new sun damage from occurring. You can use it on your face, delicate decolletage area, and your hands and fingers to reduce the appearance of brown spots. The luxurious Luminesce product line is free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. The daily moisturizing complex will be one of your favorite health and beauty products not only for the winter months but year round.

The third product in the Luminesce line is the Cellular Rejuvenation Serum. It has the highest concentration of APT-200, which can create the perfect canvas for your face and decolletage. A serum can aid in the hydration of your skin and provide long-term benefits. This lux serum is created with botanical ingredients such as sweet potato root extracts and coconut.

Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum may even out your skin tone and diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a more youthful appearance. You can use this product with the daily moisturizing complex and the advanced night repair for a stacking effect, boosting the products’ efficacy and giving you results faster. You’ll be thrilled with the Luminesce product line and want to share its benefits with your friends.

One of the most important reasons to love Luminesce is their fourth product: The Advanced Night Repair can help your skin repair damage while you sleep. What better way is there to absorb a lotion than to let it sink in, uninterrupted, all night long? You can use the youth restoring cleanser to remove your makeup before applying this repair cream.

Experts tell us that skin cells experience their greatest renewal and restorative functions while you sleep. You may wake up looking younger with smoother skin and a more even tone, and it required no effort on your part! With Jeunesse’s Luminesce, all you have to do is apply it to you skin, massaging the product onto your face and decolletage with your fingertips and allowing it to soak in.

This nightly routine can be supplemented with Luminesce’s fifth wonder: the Ultimate Lifting Masque for an spa-like experience in the privacy of your own home. This stand-out beauty product peels away dead cells which can reveal a firmer skin tone with a healthier appearance. Your skin can look healthier and more beautifu.

The luxurious Luminesce line also has a HydraShield Mask. This moisture-rich product may minimize the effects of exposure to damaging pollutants and free radicals in the air. This indulgent mask was created with coconut biocellulose and includes powerful moisturizers with APT-200 technology to give you that radiant glow and even skin tone that is most recognizable in the summertime. This mask is easy to use and soothing to your skin. It can improve the look of your complexion, revealing your naturally-beautiful appearance and healthy-looking skin tone.

We focus the majority of our skin care on our face and hands. These are the areas which are exposed to other people on a daily basis. During the winter months, we are forced to wear jackets and long sleeves, gloves and scarves, to protect our skin from cold air and the harsh environment. Our neck and décolletage can remain covered to our coworkers, but our hands and faces are exposed, making those important first impressions and revealing our age or our youthful appearance. Luminesce can help us shine, showing the world our smooth, even skin tone, radiant complexion, and youthful glow.

Along with our face and hands, we realize we can’t afford to skip the rest of our skin. Our elbows and knees, arms and legs are just as important to our skin care regimen as the rest of us. To come to our aid, the Luminesce product line has a lightweight lotion specifically designed to moisturize and nourish your skin as a whole. This sixth reason to embrace the purpose of Luminesce is the Essential Body Renewal cream. This luxurious lotion may help minimize the appearance of the signs of aging and can work to even out your skin tone with long-lasting results. Sun spots and dark pigmentation can be the results of sun damage over time. These can show up on our arms, shoulders, face, and neck. While they aren’t dangerous, they do reveal our age and how many years we’ve been exposed to UVA/B sunrays.

Using a carefully-crafted moisturizer, like Essential Body Renewal, can help improve cell turnover rate. This can lead to a more even skin tone, along with erasing dry skin. The fuller and plumper our skin cells, the more youthful we appear. This product is guilt-free, with no harsh or drying chemicals, phthalates, parabens, or sulfates. Neglecting the rest of our body is unnecessary when we have Essential Body Renewal to pamper our skin from head to toe.

Fresh and Beautiful

As a bonus to the Luminesce skin care line, Jeunesse gives us Luminesce Flawless Skin Brightener. This spectacular formula was designed by experts to diffuse imperfections and even out hyperpigmentation. Skin glows with a bright radiance, thanks to a boost from vitamin B3 and Jeunesse’s patented APT-200 technology. The Flawless Skin Brightener can also minimize the look of discoloration, reduce the appearance of pores, and even out the look of skin tone. This product will be your faithful companion during the winter months, giving you a fresh glow that your friends will envy.

Luminesce is part of the Y.E.S, Youth Enhancement System, which is a proprietary-formulated collection of designer products developed by experts to promote youthful living. Jeunesse combines powerful ingredients into a synergistic system of nine products created to deliver maximum results quickly and effectively to promote a healthy, youthful appearance.

You can stay hydrated and nourish your skin with Jeunesse’s Luminesce line of products this summer. Summer sports and activities in the warmer months can take their toll on your appearance. Jeunesse will keep you moisturized, looking young, and feeling healthy so you can live your best life.


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