How Digital River Is Helping Businesses Thrive


The number of online transactions has been growing rapidly in recent years. The improvement in technology has also played a crucial role in this growth. However, the number of cybercrime has also been growing at the same rate. People have been losing money and their financial information due to fraudulent businesses that steal them and sell them to the black markets. Nonetheless, some companies are doing all they can to facilitate safe transactions. A great of such companies is Digital River.

Digital River is a commerce cloud company that specializes in helping businesses to create a safer online transaction environment for their clients. They help to reduce the risk of information theft, which usually occurs when customers transact on an insecure platform.

According to Digital River, they have managed to serve a vast number of fortune 500 companies. Some of those companies are Microsoft, Lenovo, and Kaspersky Lab.

Their flexible billing and monetization systems can accommodate any business and is designed to facilitate both B2C and B2B enterprises. Their online platforms are free from any malware attacks, which make them perfect for any transaction.

Other than offering a safer environment for your business transactions, Digital River also helps businesses by providing them with marketing strategies.

The company is gifted in providing e-commerce marketing, which helps to improve the exposure of your business. They combine social marketing and SEO strategies, which help to improve your business ranking.

What has made them successful in this line of work is by working closely with their clients. By doing this, they create a specialized and customized to fit a specific business.

They also brainstorm with their clients and offer significant input regarding some of their clients’ products. They will help by assessing how good the product can perform and if there are any improvements required, they will help through the process.

Digital River also conducts market research on your behalf, especially when you are trying to break into a new market. They will sample your demography and give their input on how you can tailor your product or service to fit its need.

Running a global business is not an easy thing. Business owners have to handle all the financial transactions, including taxes. International companies have always struggled when filing for their taxes, as there are many details involved. However, Digital River takes care of this process and lifts the burden from any business.

Technology is evolving, and businesses are moving online. The platforms provide a quick and more natural way of buying and selling things. There are also fewer barriers to entry, unlike the traditional way of conducting business. Nonetheless, there are also challenges that are presented by these platforms. With the help of companies like Digital River, businesses have been secured and also expanded exponentially by utilizing the services of this company.


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