EOS Lip Balm Review – How EOS Won the Battle of the Balms


Updated – 8/29/2019 

Almost 80 percent of women purchase lip products, which is a number that EOS developers Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra found rather high. They wanted to provide an option for women that was fun and exciting while being healthy for the lips at the same time. That’s when they founded EOS, a company that delivers small round containers in various colors that contain lip balms in an assortment of flavors. Jonathan and Sanjiv explored the world of lip care and lip balms to see what women want. What they found was that most of the products on the market were the same and manufactured by similar companies. Many of the lip balm products available weren’t designed just for women, which is what Jonathan and Sanjiv wanted to offer when they founded EOS.

Jonathan maintained his composure and patience when the pair were designing the shape of EOS lip balms and the products that would be offered until they had a concept that had women in mind. Each EOS lip balm container is shaped like a small egg, making it easy to locate in a purse, in the car, or in a large bag. The overall design, as well as the flavors offered, has made EOS a name known in many households across the country. Jonathan and Sanjiv learned quite a few lessons while they were going through the design process for EOS, and many of those lessons can be put into practice by other companies and individuals on a daily basis.

Who You Trust 
There are times when you want to trust the people who claim to be experts in a field. There are also times when you need to trust your own instincts and know that you can achieve what you set your mind to on your own. Just because someone claims to be a professional doesn’t mean that the person knows everything about a product, the way to develop a product, or how to operate a business. Since most people consume items of some kind, it’s sometimes difficult to understand what needs to be done to change the market and to understand how people will react to a new product once it’s introduced. There are some people who claim that they know how the market will react, but until the product is in the hands of the consumer, then no one really knows what to expect. If there are issues with the product, then the parent company will likely soon figure those out because no one will buy that item. This is one of the lessons that Jonathan had to learn as they were trying to decide on the best packaging for EOS products and the best flavors to offer. No one really knew whether or not people would like a lip balm inside an egg-shaped container or if people would like using a product that doesn’t contain the ingredients that other products have in them.

More Than An Investment 
When Jonathan and Sanjiv started working on EOS, they knew that they might need outside help for the project regarding financing. They thought that the product would be immediately successful simply because they were confident in what they were producing. They soon began to see that if they wanted to promote the product on a larger scale, then they would need some kind of assistance because it would take a lot of effort from several people. Jonathan and Sanjiv saw the market and the number of people who might be interested in using EOS and wanted to become established along with other lip balm and lip care products. They soon found help from investors who not only provided funding but the wisdom and advice needed to get the product on store shelves and into the homes of consumers.

When Jonathan talked to investors, many of them told him no at first because they didn’t see a reason for more lip care products. They didn’t know how the product would be perceived by consumers. Instead of investing money, they decided to go against the idea. Jonathan and Sanjiv didn’t let the negative comments push them away from developing a product that they believed in because they had the confidence that it would be a success. When so many people told them no, they started to think about whether it was a good idea until they received positive news about EOS.

Older methods of marketing usually don’t work with new products that are introduced to consumers. For many new products, especially if they are catered to a specific group, then word of mouth is often the best advertisement available. When people try a product and like what they see, then they will use more varieties of that product. They will then tell other people that they should use the same item. Everything falls into place after a few people spread the news to others who will try it as well. When people see something new on store shelves, they will usually try it just because it is new. Jonathan knew that he had to design something that was appealing in numerous ways. It needed a design that was eye-catching and that had the scent and flavor that consumers would want. As more people spend money on an item, then it becomes one of the bigger marketing tactics that are used instead of putting a billboard up or wasting money on ads in a newspaper that might not even be seen by the people who need to see them.

When you have a product that is as popular as EOS lip balm, you need to have distributors who will be affordable to work with and who will do the work that you need in a professional manner. Jonathan and Sanjiv found distributors in over 100 countries who wanted to jump on board with getting EOS to stores across the country and the rest of the world. When Jonathan received requests from the distributors, he told them that he wasn’t interested. It’s a strategy that has worked well for the business because Jonathan and Sanjiv have been able to focus more on getting the product out in the way that they want to instead of relying on another company to get their product out to consumers. This method also saves money because Jonathan and Sanjiv don’t have to spend the money that they make on other companies and can invest the money made from the product back into their own company to make improvements to EOS.

Jonathan and Sanjiv are patient. They talk to each other about the details that they want to focus on and how the business is a success. They know that nothing happens overnight and that it will take time to reach the number of consumers that they want to reach. They are comfortable enough with EOS to wait and see where the company will go in the future instead of rushing the company and the product because that’s often when products begin to fail. If Jonathan and Sanjiv don’t agree on a concept, then they talk about it instead of taking the time to argue about what’s wrong and who should have made things better or different. When Jonathan and Sanjiv can come to a conclusion about the product, they know that they are tuned into each other and can be a success in the business world.

There are consumers who aren’t sure where EOS came from and what is really behind the product that comes in a small ball. Most lip care products in drug stores and retail stores have been seen in small tubes that you turn on the bottom to get more of the product to come up so that it can be used over time. Active ingredients have been listed on lip care products, which is something that EOS developers wanted to steer away from when they started coming up with the idea for the lip balm. Most of the flavors available were cherry or mint. The packaging hasn’t always been attractive with lip care products. When EOS hit the market, people wanted to try it because of the new container design and because of the new flavors available. There are still new flavors and designs reaching store shelves years after the product first reached consumers.

Try More EOS Lip Balm Flavors –

Summer FruitStrawberry Sorbet

EOS has been seen in stores and online for about seven years. They were first seen in Walgreens and Walmart, but you can now see the pastel balls of lip balm in almost any store that you enter. Consumers have spoken, and they enjoy the product and don’t want it to go away. Editors of magazines tried the product and wanted more. Celebrities tried the product and couldn’t wait for more flavors to be introduced. There are many EOS products seen on magazine covers and on the pages of magazines that women of all ages in the country see on a daily basis. The company has tried to make EOS as fun as possible by offering products for older women as well as children. There are special packages for holidays and special ingredients added to make the lip balm softer or enriching for the lips. Now, EOS is a $250 million company. It is seen as the second in line for lip care products that women want. EOS has already become more popular than several of the other leading brands that have been on store shelves for decades, making it a product that can only improve from here.

Millions of products are sold each month, making it a brand that is seen in homes, schools, and offices across the country. The market for lip care appears to be growing by millions of dollars over the next two to three years as more women want to protect their lips and want to use products with natural ingredients. Jonathan and Sanjiv didn’t want to advertise as much as other companies have advertised in the past. They wanted to let EOS play out naturally to see how well it would do in the market before utilizing advertising options. The founders wanted to get as many products on store shelves as possible, focusing more on the quality of the product and making sure consumers could get their hands on the spheres.

Jonathan and Sanjiv have worked together from day one to create a product that is nothing like the other tubes of lip balms that are seen in stores, which is likely one of the reasons as to why the product has been a success. It’s something different that people enjoy using. The small sphere has a lid that twists off with the lip balm right there to use. The founders started to see that the lip balm industry was getting lazy, which is why they wanted to create a new shape for consumers.

Most lip care products have been designed for both men and women. EOS founders wanted their product to be catered to women because they are usually the consumers who shop for makeup. Many women have lost tubes of lip balm in their makeup bags and purses, making it difficult to provide the proper care for the lips that they want to deliver. Since EOS is a sphere, it’s easy to find in a bag because it doesn’t roll under other items just to get trapped. It’s a product that is large enough to grasp when you’re looking for it in a bag. Pots of lip balm have been a success in the past, but consumers had to use their fingers to apply it to their lips. With EOS, the only thing consumers have to do is open the lid and apply the balm in a simple motion.

Jonathan and Sanjiv used a large amount of their personal funds when they founded EOS. They put money into making the product, the packaging, and the shipping. They knew that if EOS wasn’t a success, then it would mean a loss to their own finances instead of money from investors and other people who wanted to be a part of the company. It made Jonathan and Sanjiv want to be successful with the product that they created. Even though there are still offers, the founders have not used money from an outside source. They continue to invest their own money back into the company.

EOS has become more than a fad. The founders of the company wanted to make sure that the product would be something that people would enjoy using for years to come instead of only a few months like some of the other lip care products that are on the market. EOS is a product that is delightful to use and that is also effective because of its overall design. The package and the lip balm inside have engaged all five senses that consumers have. The soft package is soothing to hold, the fragrance from the lip balm is pleasing to smell, and the taste of the flavor is enticing. The clicking sound that is made when the sphere is closed appeals to the ears. Consumers have also taken note of the price of EOS products with most packages being about $3. This means that the product has been very competitive with other lip balms on store shelves. However, the other details that consumers see have meant that EOS has come out ahead of most of the other options that are seen in stores. Organic ingredients are used in EOS lip balms, making it a safe option for everyone to use. The product isn’t tested on animals, which is one of the aspects that people enjoy about the company. Consumers know that the product is safe and that the founders care about the people who will use the lip balm.

Jonathan and Sanjiv have wanted consumers to develop an emotional relationship with the product that they’ve created. They have wanted consumers to enjoy using a product that provides benefits for the lips. EOS lip balms are made with vitamin E and aloe as well as other vitamins that keep the lips moisturized. It’s a lip balm that can put a smile on your face from the time you open the package to the time that you hear the click that is made when you close the product.

A sales representative was initially hired to offer advice about how to get the product in stores. Some stores didn’t want the product on their store shelves because it seemed to only target women. When a Walgreens store owner saw the product, she knew that she needed to include it on her shelves. The founders made the decision to invest in equipment to keep up with the supply and demand since the spheres were seen in large stores across the country. Today, the founders don’t have to sell as hard because the product tends to sell itself. People post pictures on social media sites, and with the special packages that come out for holidays, EOS seems to be heading to the top of the list of lip care products available.


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