Reaching the NEXT Tier of Success: Jeunesse Global’s EXPO NEXT 2019 World Tour

Reaching the NEXT Tier of Success: Jeunesse Global’s EXPO NEXT 2019 World Tour

It is hard to believe that Jeunesse Global will soon be kicking off their 2019 EXPO NEXT World Tour. With stops on four different continents, the company will have an international platform as it takes current and future members of the Jeunesse family to the NEXT tier of success in all areas of their lives. More than just a networking event, the EXPO10 for 2019 marks an important milestone for the highly successful company: they turn 10 years old! While the agendas of their past expos have been recognized for having the right blend of educational, networking, and celebratory events, this anniversary will certainly make each event on the tour particularly festive.

NEXT on the Agenda

Professionals who have experienced these 3 or 4-day events (depending on the city) in the past frequently commend the company for going to the NEXT level with their event planning. These are not run-of-the-mill conferences with boring meetings lined up. Attendees of EXPO10 can look forward to a wide range of activities, including:

  • Strategies that educate people on the “Who, What, Where, Why and How” involved with reaching the NEXT level of professional and personal success.
  • Attendees are among the first people ever to be introduced to Jeunesse’s newest supplements, beauty products, and various health and wellness materials.
  • Meeting other like-minded people who strive to reach greater heights in their lives. This networking opportunity allows people to share marketing tools, tips and personal contacts with one another.
  • Speeches from leaders at the highest levels of the company that offer first-hand tips and knowledge during their exciting presentations.

The international locales for this year’s NEXT EXPO were specifically selected to ensure that professionals across the globe have an opportunity to experience this tremendous opportunity. There are four planned locations for this year’s conference, including the following stops:

North America EXPO10 Event

Where: Orlando, Florida – Orange County Convention Center

When: September 5th-8th, 2019

Tickets: Early Bird Section, containing the venue’s premier seats, available to the first go-getters (1,000) who strike while the iron is hot and purchase EXPO tickets before the rest. After the first 1,000 tickets are distributed, attendees will be seated in a Reserved Section and then General Seating areas. Note that a Premier area is located in front of this Early Bird Section and will seat Emerald, Ruby and Diamond Directors.

Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Africa EXPO10 Event

Where: Singapore, Singapore – the Resorts World Sentosa

When: September 19th-22nd, 2019

Tickets: The first 1,500 people to grab their tickets in advance will be seated in the Early Bird Section; the NEXT round of tickets (1,000) will allow attendees to sit in the Reserved Section, and remaining tickets will provide General Seating in the venue.

Europe and Middle East EXPO10 Event

Where: Milan, Italy – Mediolanum Forum

When: October 18th-20th, 2019

Tickets: The exclusive Early Bird Section is available to the first 1,000 ticket buyers. The Reserved Section will be available for the NEXT 2,000 professionals to act, and General Seating will be available thereafter.

Latin America EXPO10 Event

Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Jeunesse Arena

When: November 8th-10th, 2019

Tickets: General Seating Tickets are available at Jeunesse’s own arena, so there is not a bad seat in the house!

Regardless of the seating or the city or cities select, anyone who attends any EXPO10 NEXT World Tour event will enjoy numerous master classes offered, which delve deeper into different types of Jeunesse products. As each day passes, it seems to present new opportunities for professionals to use variations of social media strategies to drive business. These will be explored further to help everyone in attendance achieve their goals with different methods that have been proven to be effective.

The NEXT Steps for Professional and Personal Growth

In addition to the brand-new items that have not been introduced previously, the current offerings by Jeunesse Global will be explored by the top corporate leaders who will answer questions related to their current product lines. Some of these include the groundbreaking RVL Advanced Hair Care System; Instantly Ageless; MIND; Zen Bodi weight reduction, FINITI, RESERVE, Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System; and AM/PM Essentials, among others.

Jeunesse has been able to achieve tremendous success and an overwhelming number of awards and accolades for their products which incorporate ingredients such as essential oils, phytonutrients, antioxidants, botanicals, vitamins, minerals, etc. Along with detailed data on these top items, the information will be provided on never-before-seen products to be debuted on the 2019 EXPO NEXT World Tour in North America; Latin America; Europe and the Middle East; and Asia-Pacific and Africa.

Numerous sessions will be offered that include Master Classes and Breakout Sessions. These allow people to deeply explore the various products offered by Jeunesse. Effective strategies for using social media and detailed information regarding their Financial Rewards Plan will be shared as well. Along with these, people can expect the following at all of the EXPO10 events:

  • Founders Randy Ray & Wendy Lewis – offering motivation and inspiration through stories of how their journey has taken them from modest beginnings to now leading one of the most successful companies in the history of the entire direct selling industry.
  • Chief Vision Officer Scott Lewis – providing details on how the company plans to stay on their upward trajectory and push forward in 2020 to drive business to the NEXT level.
  • Several of the company’s top business builders and global field leaders – relaying proven strategic tips on the best ways to become more successful and transform your life.
  • Peers and company executives – giving individuals from all over the world the chance to network and make fresh connections with one another.
  • Everyone – celebrating Jeunesse’s 10-year anniversary and looking at how the company has grown over the past decade.


The EXPO10 marks the NEXT Chapter in a string of successful Jeunesse expos held in prior years. The 2018 THRIVE World Tour was a smash hit in the cities of Orlando, FL; Bangkok, Thailand, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Rome, Italy. Each of the EXPO09 events featured presentations from inspiring speakers, including the Chief Marketing Officer, the Executive Team, Imperial Diamond Directors, General Managers and Brand Ambassadors from a wide range of geographical locations.

In addition to the helpful presentations, breakout learning sessions, product testing and festivities, EXPO09 boasted record-breaking donations for Jeunesse Kids™, the philanthropic effort that supports local programs. Because the founders’ mission has always entailed helping humanity, they currently use various sustainable projects to achieve this, including village sponsorships and local initiatives.

  • At the event for North America, Jeunesse collaborated with Kids Beating Cancer® and generously donated USD$211,000 to this Florida-based organization. Breaking records for having donated the highest amount ever at a Jeunesse Kids event in North America, distributors were praised for helping this organization which helps children receive life-saving transplants and treatments.
  • At the event for Asia-Pacific & Africa, Jeunesse Kids graciously teamed with the Thailand Community Children Foundation. Distributors gave USD$45,000 to this organization, which creates developmental projects for school children in eight provinces throughout the nation.
  • At the event for Europe & the Middle East, Jeunesse Kids chose to collaborate with the local Andrea Bocelli Foundation. The Jeunesse family was proud to contribute USD$30,000 to this organization that is responsible for leading the rebuilding efforts of a damaged primary school which had been ruined by a catastrophic earthquake in Italy.
  • At the event for Latin America, Jeunesse Kids collaborated with the AACD Hospital in Brazil. An astounding R$500,000 was donated to the AACD medical facility to help with the care of youthful patients. Another uplifting aspect of this particular event was the debut of the new Jeunesse Kids’ Nevo™ Açaí Grape edition. All profits from sales of the product purchases were handed over to the AACD Hospital in Brazil.

Looking Forward to the NEXT Part of the Journey

One of Jeunesse Global’s goals is to impart the knowledge of all members of the family to one another to keep breaking ground and achieving positive results. Through a winning combination of extraordinary executive leadership, philanthropic efforts and having one of the industry’s most cutting-edge technology platforms, Jeunesse Global has steadily grown. It continues to expand into new zones worldwide, offering distributors greater opportunities to provide quality products to people in a variety of untapped geographical locations.

More information on how the company has been able to consistently surpass sales goals will surely be on the menu of treats in store for anyone who attends the EXPO NEXT10 for 2019. Corporate leaders want to share their tried and true marketing techniques to assist with audience members’ goals and plans for the future. People who are interested in being a part of these potentially life-changing events are strongly urged to buy their tickets early. This is the best way to ensure that the best seats are available at each venue in Orlando, Rio de Janeiro, Milan, and Singapore. Take the leap and make a commitment to attend; only you have the power to take that NEXT step towards accomplishing your own professional and personal goals.

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