Orlando Surpassed High Expectations: Successful Kick-Off for the Jeunesse World Tour

Orlando Surpassed High Expectations: Successful Kick-Off for the Jeunesse World Tour

Jeunesse Global’s 2019 EXPO NEXT World Tour kicked things off with a bang to a sold-out crowd in Orlando, Florida. In the company headquarters, Orlando marked an exciting start to the 2019 World Tour. Held from September 5-8, 2019 at the Orange County Convention Center, North America EXPO10 kicked things off right with a large, energetic, and unified group of new and seasoned members of the growing Jeunesse Global family.


Marking the award-winning company’s 10-year anniversary, the upcoming 2019 Tour stops will strive to surpass expectations and continue where they left off in Orlando. The Asia-Pacific and Africa Region will be represented NEXT as the Tour stops in Singapore from September 19-22, 2019. The next cities thereafter will be Milan, Italy (in October 2019) and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (in November 2019). Each global stop will promote ways for attendees to take active steps in being part of Jeunesse’s NEXT generation.


Celebrating Jeunesse Global’s NEXT Generation

Incredible praise has been pouring in from people at all levels of the company as they continue feeling the long-lasting effects from the invigorating and inspiring multi-day occasion. This is not a one-way street, as the company itself has been continuing to ride high on the wave of achievement from Orlando. The sold-out audience was delighted as some of the top executives of Jeunesse directly delivered information on the company’s strategies for how they plan to take it to the NEXT level of success in 2020 and beyond.


In-depth educational sessions and festivities were held daily to energize both new and seasoned distributors and employees alike. According to recent feedback, people found the flow of events, activities, meetings, and educational classes particularly enjoyable.


Attendees were given the opportunity to partake in a wide assortment of learning sessions offered. In addition to the unique networking opportunities available with international colleagues, there were brand new product debuts to give the audience a first-hand look at some of the latest offerings by Jeunesse. One such product debuted in Orlando was MX2O, a new item for the North America Region.


The crowd fell in love instantly with this black water that offers Hydrating, Energizing, Balancing, and Nourishing benefits in each bottle. Following the release of the newest member of the North American Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System, attendees learned detailed product information about how they can help people across the world live life to the MAX with MX2O.


Fostering a Diverse Culture

A diverse crowd of people from across the globe was warmly welcomed to the North America event. New international connections were made possible as distributors and company employees gained exposure to colleagues from numerous countries spanning the world map. Since the company was founded with a global mission in mind, they continue being a multicultural leader and pioneer in the industry. Orlando attendees were pleased to see representation throughout the daily activities in various languages, including Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Chinese, and others.


The inclusive diversity the company embraces is indicative of Jeunesse’s overall global culture. As they listened to speakers from across the world, people commented that they left the North American EXPO10 event feeling empowered and enlightened. Numerous Master Classes were available for all attendees, many of which were subdivided by languages, including Chinese, English, and Spanish Sessions. Some of these highly informative classes covered the following topics:

  • Successful Networking and Marketing Skills
  • Recruiting NEXT Year in 2020
  • NEXT Level Goal Setting and Promotions
  • Jeunesse Loyalty Program: Customers Are the Future
  • Joffice Technology Basics
  • Financial Reward Program
  • 90-Day Run
  • Advanced Leadership Skills
  • Look Younger with Jeunesse: Different Brand Experiences
  • How to Live, Share and Build the ZEN™ Project 8 Global Health Movement
  • Business Basics Building
  • 2020 Travel Promotions
  • Getting Started the Right Way


Launchpad for NEXT Year

In addition to welcoming the crowd, the Executive Leadership Team of Wendy Lewis, Scott Lewis, and Randy Ray were on-hand to share their stories and the history of this award-winning leader in the direct selling space. Other presentations were given by corporate leaders, special guests, and global business builders which ultimately left the audience feeling rejuvenated, excited, energized, and optimistic as they look toward 2020.


As the name implies, EXPO10 marked the 10-year anniversary of Jeunesse Global, which was founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in 2009. A decade of tremendous success was showcased during the memorable celebrations held throughout the four days in Orlando, Florida. Each of these will celebrate the company with a heart that has a unique one team, one family culture. There were anniversary celebrations in order as the company highlighted the past 10 years of success.


They had good reason to celebrate the past decade, since Jeunesse has continued to surpass goals and objectives. Between their rewarding philanthropic mission, outstanding executive leadership, and a cutting-edge global technology platform, Jeunesse Global has been able to expand into new markets each year. Currently serving markets in more than 150 countries in 30+ operational office locations, there is no end in sight when it comes to the company’s impressive growth.


Helping them stay at the forefront of innovation is their state-of-the-art technology which was on full display in Orlando. The latest information about Jeunesse Technology Tools was offered to a delighted crowd, and attendees were shown helpful demonstrations on how to effectively use social media strategies to drive business growth. Trained experts uncovered hidden capabilities and showed how digital experiences and Jmobile can help distributors significantly grow their businesses. A new Dashboard and a Distributor Shop Experience were revealed and discussed to show distributors their new product filtering and sorting capabilities.


Celebrations were also in order to give a hand to their philanthropic arm, Jeunesse Kids, which has become one of the most anticipated elements of every EXPO World Tour event. Orlando’s initial fundraising goals for 2019 was $50,000 for the life-altering Kids Beating Cancer® program, Fund the Match Program. Astoundingly, Jeunesse distributors and employees helped the cause by donating over $320,000, surpassing initial expectations many times over.


Keeping it in the Jeunesse Family

Recognizing and honoring new and current members of the Jeunesse family is always a highlight of the EXPO World Tour. Jeunesse Global prides itself on being an international organization that makes it their mission to make their employees as effective and successful in their roles as possible. They continuously achieve this by creating and nurturing a sense of community and belonging with a common goal among all to make a positive impact across the world.


To underscore some of the amazing achievements made by North American distributors in Canada and the United States, Jeunesse Global recognized individuals with awards in Orlando, Florida. The following examples are just a snippet of the honors and honorees:

STAR PACER AWARDS: Sapphire Executives

STAR MAKER AWARDS: Ruby Directors & Emerald Executives


TOTAL RETAIL SALES AWARDS: Sapphire Executives & Pearl Executives


Singapore Marks the Spot NEXT

After the outpouring of support received from the Orlando crowd, Jeunesse Global is gearing up to take the stage next in Singapore. Corporate executives from the highest levels of Jeunesse will collaborate with business leaders and special guests to educate and entertain the crowd with inspiring messages to help drive business growth.


All interested people who act swiftly now and purchase tickets to the NEXT stops of the EXPO World Tour will be actively taking the NEXT steps toward their own goal-oriented future. Tickets can still be purchased for EXPO10 in Singapore (Asia-Pacific & Africa) in September; Milan, Italy (Europe & Middle East) in October; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (South American & Latin America) in November. The upcoming international stops aim to leave all audience members feeling just as invigorated and enthusiastic as the Orlando crowd was about the NEXT phase of their success.


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