Unroll Me: The Email De-Cluttering Solution

Unroll Me: The Email De-Cluttering Solution

The emergence of email has certainly made long distance communication swift, and has allowed people from all over the world to connect in real-time. It has become a pivotal tool for connecting with loved ones who reside in different states, as well as the preferred method over what is now dubbed “snail mail”, followed by a certain eye roll. Professionally, email communication has allowed for individuals to brainstorm, share vital information, and streamline operations without skipping a beat to call down to Human Resources. Personally, email marketing has somewhat replaced the Sunday circular coupon flyers of the past, with the vast majority of retailers choosing to parlay sales via email communication.


With so much content integral to the success of each day being communicated via email, it is important to be able to navigate this content in a manner that is concise, streamlined, and as stress-free as possible. With content constantly flooding your inbox, however, this task may often seem wildly impossible. If the world wide web sometimes feels more like the “Wild Wild West”, email is certainly more like the rowdy saloon in the middle of town, where anything goes. While many technology based companies aim to resolve the e-clutter of the average inbox, one app is taking the process a step further, resulting in a streamlined, aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use navigation of the inbox.


You Never Even Knew It Was There…

Unroll Me (who we’ve written about before here) is an email management app that vastly streamlines the daily email experience, finally unsubscribing users from junk mail, presenting only pertinent information in an attractive navigable display. The platform works to combine users’ subscriptions, and provides users with the ability to successfully unsubscribe from email listings that do not align with their current needs. Unlike many competitors, Unroll Me is vastly successful in finding hidden subscriptions from services that may be otherwise overlooked. In an effort to go unnoticed, many email listservs will manipulate their metrics to slip through the cracks, or limit their email frequency, in an attempt to simply remain only “mildly annoying.” Unroll Me’s unique algorithm picks up on these subscriptions, showcasing the entirety of users’ subscribed email listings.


A Bespoke Tool

As a highly intuitive tool, Unroll Me allows users to maintain full control, autonomy, and transparency with the service. Unroll Me allows users to choose which emails are important, and allows users to change these preferences at their desire. From there, the app allows users to dictate their email experience wholly, and is tailored to showcase chosen email subscriptions in a way that is customized for each user. The platform can be integrated with any email client, across all platforms, making it easy to leverage the device from iPhone, to iPad, and every device in between.


The Daily “Roll Up”

Setting itself apart from the competition by going one step further, Unroll Me provides a bespoke once-daily round up of email subscriptions that users have chosen to retain, but don’t need immediately. This customized digest of email content, as dictated by users, is called “The Roll Up.” As with every facet of the service, Unroll Me allows users to dictate time of day to dedicate to perusing their bespoke digest. Presented in a scrolling photo-centric method with highlighted headlines, the easy-to-use digest is the perfect companion to a morning cup of coffee, or an evening recap of the day’s most important happenings.


Organized intuitively by category, each digest allows users to quickly find desired information, from travel sales, to sporting tickets, and everything in between. It’s easier than ever to click one icon to access hotel prices advertised for an upcoming trip, or those grocery store coupons that have replaced the traditional “clip and save” method. As a trusty back-up, each subscription email also remains in an “Unroll Me” folder within users’ chosen email clients, making it easy to find dated emails in no time. With such a streamlined back up, accidentally deleting an item becomes impossible, and users can rest assured that they can find all pertinent content in a matter of seconds.


A Modern Newsletter

Since each daily “Roll Up” is curated by each user, it resembles a newsletter that is thoroughly dedicated to the exact items that are most important to each user, without the extra fluff. Content is presented in an elegant fashion, reminiscent of perusing Pinterest for dinner recipes. With full functionality to act as email, users can maintain a pleasurable experience combing through easy-to-use content, rather than scrolling through endless bouts of headings, addresses, and email delivery times that all tend to blur together, and lose meaning.


While an active email inbox can certainly provide users with the best of interpersonal communication, news updates, shopping, and entertainment, it can also leave users feeling overwhelmed, scattered, and constantly dreading the act of deleting hundreds of spam messages. With services like Unroll Me, this process can be seamless, streamlined, elegant, and even fun. Setting up the service is a breeze, leaving more time to finally enjoy that morning cup of coffee, with a personalized catalog of interesting content ready to be viewed.

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