William Pitt Real Estate LLC: The Leading Real Estate Brokerage Of The Northeast


Homebuyers, residential real estate investors and sellers who are searching for or listing properties in eastern New York state, Connecticut and Massachusetts should consider going through William Pitt Real Estate LLC. For more than 70 years this residential real estate brokerage has facilitated the purchase and renting of hundreds of thousands of properties across the region. This firm is proud to be part of the Sotheby’s international brand which includes the Sotheby’s Auction House and other affiliate companies. Some of New York and New England’s finest properties have been given valuations by the firm, and their agents are all qualified licensed salespeople and brokers.

The William Pitt Real Estate LLC listing page has so many properties in different communities that buyers across nearly every market can find. You can find both exclusive and open listings here which could range from a smaller $200,000 2-bedroom condo in one of Connecticut’s small towns, all the way to a $2 million multifamily luxury home in Bronxville, NY. Sellers are given tools to use for finding a rough estimate of their home’s value, and a proprietary system through which they can track how homes similar to theirs have sold, and a way to look at the buyer’s market. For homebuyers, William Pitt Real Estate LLC also has a global relocation division that handles major property purchases and moves themselves. They also have an insurance company through which new homeowners and renters can buy property insurance as well as other insurance products.

What makes William Pitt Real Estate LLC special is its long history of matching buyers with sellers, working with contractors and closing property sales in remarkable fashion. The brokerage was founded by American businessman William Pitt–not to be confused with England’s former 18th century prime minister–who founded the company with very little cash reserves in his pocket. But from that small office in Stamford, CT, he began finding clients and making commissions and starting a tradition in real estate deals that few other brokers have matched. Around the same time that Pitt began his firm, businesswoman Julia B. Fee would also begin a real estate firm that would facilitate residential sales and open multiple offices in much of the same areas that Pitt’s firm operated in.

It was in 1998 that the pineapple symbol that can be found on the William Pitt Real Estate LLC offices was adopted, and it’s been used due to its long history of being an item that sea captains were known to place in their windows upon returning. That same year the firm’s prestigious founder and longtime owner William Pitt retired and current CEO Paul Breunich took over. In 2006, William Pitt and Julia B. Fee would merge under the new Sotheby’s brand that has added even more trust and consumer confidence to its name. One of the top partnerships the company formed was with Building and Land Technology, a development group that has built some of Connecticut’s most prominent residential and commercial units. The firm also is a participant in a charity known as Agents of Change which works to provide homes in communities around the world to combat homelessness.


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