Alex Molinaroli: A Leader And An Engineer


The former president and CEO of Johnson Controls, Alex Molinaroli lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He led the international company, which makes security, fire and HVAC systems for buildings between 2007 and 2013.

Background and education

Alex Molinaroli was born in West Virginia. He earned a degree in engineering from the University of South Carolina in 1983 and then went on to get a MBA from the prestigious Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Illinois.


Alex Molinaroli began his career at Johnson Controls in 1983. He excelled at expanding and improving the company’s sales operations, and his background in engineering gave him the knowledge and skills he needed to work with the company’s highly technical product line.

In January of 2007, he was promoted to president of the company. At the helm, he was key to the company’s efforts to develop lithium battery production, and he has spoken at length about the future of the battery in the expected conversion of the auto industry to electric cars. Because Johnson Controls is headquartered in Ireland but does much of its business in the United States, Alex Molinaroli gained enormous experience during his term of leadership in running an organization active in multiple continents. Accordingly, his thoughts on international business in general are highly valued.

National Center for the Arts and Technology

Alex Molinaroli (NCAT) is on the board of the National Center for the Arts and Technology. As someone with a keen understanding of science and technology as well as decades of real-world experience in getting things done, he is an ideal person to be part the NCAT mission.

NCAT is an organization that seeks to improve the lives of ordinary people by helping them learn about technology and the arts both to appreciate them and to gain job skills. NCAT runs centers around the country that provide educational opportunities to deserving individuals. In particular, they work with underemployed adults in under-served areas to help them boost their technological literacy and become more marketable in today’s workforce.

Furthermore, NCAT runs programs for young people who have an interest in the arts, and, to date, has served nearly 3,000 high school students through their after-school visual arts programs. Alex Molinaroli, with his years of experience working with people all over the world, is an excellent resource for NCAT on how to work with the schools and community organizations it partners with.


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