Gustavo Martinez Comes to United Virtualities in Barcelona, Spain


United Virtualities Corporation is pleased as punch these days because it has just made a grand announcement. United Virtualities is a boutique tech consultancy, and it recently cut the grand opening tape to a new office in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. The best thing about this is the fact that Gustavo Martinez will be at the head of this office. This is the fourth international office that this company has opened to date.

The new office isn’t the only thing that United Virtualities has to be thrilled about today. The new office is going to be a representation of the company’s three strategic initiatives, and these three initiatives are just starting to get off of the ground.

The First Initiative

The first very important improvement in United Virtualities’ business is the fact that Gustavo Martinez was just hired as its senior managing partner. His mandate will be to head the new Barcelona office as well as the Europe, Middle East and Africa growth initiatives. Gustavo Martinez is a very important “catch” for United Virtualities for his gigantic accomplishments. For example, Mr. Martinez came from J. Walter Thompson, one of the most successful ad agencies in the world. He was the global chairman and COO, Worldwide with this company. Mr. Martinez also worked for Ogilvy & Mather as COO, Latin America and for the McCann Group as the regional director. In addition to that, he is a professor at ESADE and ISEM with a Ph.D. in Economics.

The co-founder of United Virtualities, Lucas Lopatin, stated that he knew that Gustavo Martinez was the right person to run his company’s European and Middle Eastern divisions ever since he met him. It seemed that Mr. Martinez felt the same way about United Virtualities. Mr. Lopatin saw that Mr. Martinez had what the company looks for in its partners. He knew that his desire to get things done, his vast understanding of the industry and his good heart and professionalism would all cause him to be exactly what they need at United Virtualities.

The Second Initiative

United Virtualities is about to begin to place additional attention on its European, Middle Eastern and African markets, and Gustavo Martinez will play a significant role in that new direction. UV’s EMEA client base is currently only 5 percent of the company’s total, and it intends to increase this number in the next 12 months to 10 percent.

The Third Initiative

The last important piece of news is the fact that the Barcelona office is going to bring in the highest tech talent possible. The CEO of UV, Erik Laurenceau, stated that the heart of his company is its people. He doesn’t believe that UV is just an entity that only exists on paper. He thinks that the company is a collection of human beings. Because he wholeheartedly believes this to be the case, he understands that his company will be successful if his team is successful.

Along with being excellent in their jobs, Mr. Laurenceau expects his people to also be excellent human beings. UV promises to treat all of its people as if they have a future with UV and that they will always treat them as individuals. Mr. Laurenceau assures everyone that no one will be taken for granted, and he says that will be the case no matter how much the company grows. UV culture is very important because it is one of the main reasons that people want to work for UV, and it is the reason why they remain.

UV Business Acceleration

Gustavo Martinez is in the right place as he works with UV Business Acceleration. The business division offers Mr. Martinez a place where he can help startups as they develop their marketing capabilities so that they can have the most desirable outcomes after they open their doors for the first time. It doesn’t matter where a new business first opens its doors in the world. According to Mr. Martinez, 90 percent of these new businesses will fail. Because Mr. Martinez believes that the advertising that a company does and its products are exactly the same thing, it doesn’t matter what type of product they are trying to sell. That’s why Mr. Martinez uses business acceleration tactics that make use of technology design, functionality and analytics to improve outcomes.

Gustavo Martinez has gone beyond optimizing marketing strategies by using the process of trial and error. This takes up too much time and is also very expensive. Marketing strategies aren’t as simple as they used to be, so it can be too risky for a new startup to use trial and error strategies. There is also a lot of competition, so Gustavo Martinez is helping all types of companies use modern strategies for the best possible outcomes.


Gustavo Martinez demonstrates that he can be the type of leader that UV likes to have in its business. He makes use of the talents of every individual as he encourages everyone to share his or her creative talents. Needless to say, he knows how to motivate each member so that he or she does his or her best work. When he is with his team, he encourages everyone to work together so that each person has the chance to express his or her ideas. When a member comes up with a great idea, Gustavo Martinez is the first person to acknowledge its greatness and the person who suggested it. Gustavo Martinez has a very important reason for doing this; he believes that “recognition drives motivation.”

Passion is also an important motivator to Gustavo Martinez. Because passion is such an important part of any process, Mr. Martinez makes sure that members of his team are involved in projects that excite them.

The ability to engage in “active listening” is another quality that Gustavo Martinez has that makes him an excellent leader. He believes that active listening is the reason that he has been able to succeed in business all of these years. He also agrees with UV’s leadership that no one can be taken for granted, so he always treated everyone as if each person had ideas that were worthy of being heard. He is aware of the value of every person he meets.

The mark of being a great leader is the fact that the leader knows that he did not achieve everything that he has on his own. Gustavo Martinez is this type of leader. He says that he is who he is today in his business because of the talent that he has been able to cultivate over the years. He believes that he maintains his competitive edge because he has the best talent. In order to always bring in new people with the highest qualities, he does everything that he possibly can to identify the up-and-coming talent of today. His recruitment practice is something like what is done by the sports recruiters, and it made his firms stand out above his competition.

Advertising Guru Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo Martinez - HeadshotGustavo Martinez spent the last 35 years developing his formidable advertising and marketing skills. He has had to master the ability to make his advertising efforts more desirable than those offered by other advertising firms. Gustavo Martinez has been able to do this by ensuring that he reaches perfection for every client that he serves. Over the years, people noticed his skills, and they were always happy to steal him away from his current place of employ.

Gustavo Martinez held highly impressive roles at the advertising companies of Ogilvy McCann and J. Walter Thompson. These firms are known around the world as the world’s most important marketing firms. The many ads that Gustavo Martinez created with these firms became known as “exemplary.” That must be the reason that many companies wanted to take advantage of Gustavo Martinez’s skills. The work that he did for them was the reason that they realized an increase in sales and profits.

Gustavo Martinez plans to take his advertising and marketing skills into the future as he helps his colleagues move forward.

UV’s Solution Centers

UV runs what are known as “solution centers” around the globe, and one of them is going to be the Barcelona office. Solution Centers are also located in Guadalajara, Manhattan and Buenos Aires, and they treat their customers with a “people first” attitude. UV is in the process of hiring people in the strategy, production and technology roles at the four solution centers. The Barcelona solution center is going to be located near the world-renowned Paseo de Gracias and will be called “UV-BCN.”

UV’s specialty is “accelerating businesses.” The company’s clients are other companies that have a global reach and are mostly medium-sized and large-sized businesses. UV helps these businesses develop technology through consultancy services that allow them to develop plans for where they want their companies to go and how they will manage those plans as time goes by.

According to Laurenceau, his company is the one that worries about its clients’ challenges in tech and business so that they are free to focus on other areas.

Learn more about Gustavo Martinez here.


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