LifeWave Cruise Celebrates 15th Anniversary

LifeWave Takes on the Seas for their 15th Anniversary.

Making a lasting impact in the field of wellness is no small feat, so when a company has been at it for 15 years, it’s a great time to celebrate. Such is the case for LifeWave, a wellness company created to help people return to a more youthful and rejuvenated state. In recognition of the milestone, the company is hosting a cruise for hundreds of global leaders involved in its efforts to spread the word on wellness. We’re taking the opportunity to give a closer look at the celebration and provide more information on the company and how it has distinguished itself throughout the years.


Founding to Present

To understand the significance of this 15th anniversary, let’s first take a look at the company’s origins and how it has gotten to its present level of success. Founded in 2004 by CEO David Schmidt, the company got its start through its Energy Enhancer Patches. The patches were created as a way to allow people to gain energy without the use of stimulants that may have harmful side effects. The patches turned out to be a popular offering, with many customers using them to combat fatigue, engage in physical activity, and increase alertness. The patches came to even greater prominence after being used by the Stanford University women’s swimming team, which introduced the technology to a national audience.

Since those first patches, the company has grown at a rapid pace that has brought it plenty of recognition. One example of this is its placement on Inc. magazine’s list of the fastest-growing companies in three separate years. The company has also seen its international presence expand, with its products now being offered in over 100 countries worldwide. This expansion has been greatly aided by a dedicated team of partners who work to distribute the company’s offerings, helping others achieve a higher quality of life in the process.


Underlying Technologies

Though the company offers a range of wellness products, it has become widely known for the patches it offers that help improve a variety of issues. These patches act via the application of phototherapy – the process of using light to improve wellness. While many instances of phototherapy involve the use of external light sources, such as lasers or the sun, patches offered by LifeWave actually reflect wavelengths of light back into the body to achieve their effects.

Patches from the company are applied topically and use reflected light to stimulate cellular processes related to the product’s method of operation. For instance, the Energy Enhancer Patches help the body transition the way it produces energy to a more efficient process. This helps the body make better use of its existing ability to burn fuel. Other patches offered by the company help promote quality sleep, reduce chronic pain, and raise levels of antioxidants in the body. Each patch utilizes a unique design and placement to act on different cells and trigger different responses to the wavelengths of light.


Cruise Details

To celebrate the 15-year milestone, the cruise will be pulling out all the stops with a route through the Caribbean. Passengers will embark in Miami, where corporate coaches will transport them from a central meeting place to the ship itself. Guests will be able to check into their cabins and get settled before joining the corporate team and others on the ship’s Star Lounge. At that point, the anniversary celebrations will kick off in earnest with a cocktail reception and a preview of the itinerary.

Guests will be traveling aboard the Navigator of the Seas, one of the largest cruise ships in the world. The ship includes numerous onboard activities, such as a spa, fitness center, shopping opportunities, a wide range of dining options, and themed bars and lounges to fit a variety of tastes. The pool deck offers areas for kids and adults alike to go for a dip or soak in the sun. Two different twisting waterslides let guests travel solo or with a partner as they twist down one of the longest slides ever created aboard a ship.


Destinations and Itinerary

While the ship itself is packed with amenities, there’s much more to do on the cruise beyond onboard activities. The voyage will first take guests to the Bahamian capital of Nassau, where they’ll be able to indulge in both fun-filled activities and a firsthand look at a town rich with history. Once a haven for pirates, the area now offers a taste of the white sands, music, and unique foods that have made it one of the most popular vacation destinations around. Visitors seeking to dive into the area’s past will have access to the storied streets and colonial fortresses that tell the tale of generations gone by.

The second destination on the voyage will be Cococay, a beautifully engineered beachside attraction replete with a waterpark and other water-themed activities. For those seeking thrills, the park sports the tallest waterslide in North America and allows visitors to take a ride 450 feet in the air in a helium balloon. Visitors seeking a more relaxed experience have plenty of options as well, including Chill Bay and the Coco Beach Club. After the day at Cococay, guests have a final day at sea to relax and enjoy the ship’s amenities, followed by an evening of celebration and recognition awards for key global leaders, before returning to Miami and disembarking.

With the extravagant dining options, entertainment, and opportunities to see unique sites in the Caribbean, as well as fellowship among hundreds of LifeWave the cruise to celebrate the 15th anniversary of LifeWave will be an affair to remember. The spectacle of the event is just one more testament to the success that the company has enjoyed since its founding and the credit it attributes to its team members across all walks of life. As the company continues to develop new products to benefit the wellness of its many customers, events like this are anticipated to continue into the future. In the meantime, this event, along with an expanding product line, underlines the dedication of the company to its enduring mission.


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