A Look At Bonati Spine Institute


Patients head to the Bonati Spine Institute to undergo the Bonati Spine Procedures administered by Dr. Alfred Bonati. The physicians at the Bonati Spine Institute use different surgical techniques and instruments to treat sensitive areas in the thoracic, cervical, and lumbar spine. The treatment will stop patients from having to undergo spinal fusions and back surgery. Bonati’s spinal treatments help provide relief to patients who are dealing with spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and failed back surgery syndrome.

The Bonati Spine Institute has provided excellent service for over 30 years. Bonati physicians have performed over 50,000 successful surgeries. The Bonati Spine Institute is proud of their 99 percent patient satisfaction rate.

Surgical Approach

At the start of the process, the physician will perform a thorough assessment of the patient’s medical history and symptoms. The patient will also undergo a physical evaluation to determine the exact problem that the patient is experiencing. After the evaluation, the patient will consult with the surgeon. The surgeon will provide analysis on the patient’s test results, and recommend a method of treatment for the issue.

Once a surgical plan has been prescribed, the patient will be prepped for surgery. A local anesthesia and IV sedation will be administered to the patient. The sedation will allow for direct communication between the surgeon and the patient during the surgical process. Once the procedure is finished, the patient may begin physical therapy immediately. Patients do not have to spend any recovery time at the hospital. Within a week, most patients are able to return to work and resume their regular activities.

Popular Surgeries

Cervical Spine Surgery

The cervical spine includes seven vertebrae that start at the base of the skull and extend to the thoracic spine. The vertebrae protect the spinal cord and provide support to the neck. However, due to the daily stress placed on the neck through participating in regular activities, cervical spinal conditions affect millions of people. Spinal discomfort may cause someone to suffer from a lack of mobility.

People who experience tingling sensations, neck pain, numbness, and muscle weakness may need to undergo cervical spine surgery to alleviate the pain. Be aware that age and poor posture may cause people to develop cervical spine degeneration. During cervical spine surgery, the physician will reduce the tissue pressing against the spinal cord or nerve, creating space for the nerve tissue to function properly.

Thoracic Spine Surgery

The thoracic spine makes up the upper and middle back portion of the spine. The thoracic spine consists of twelve vertebrae. The thoracic spine helps protect the heart, lungs, and other important organs. The discs are small and stable. Millions of Americans undergo spinal surgery every year. Severe back pain is the most common sign that a person may need surgery. Other symptoms include frequent chest pain, muscle weakness, and leg spasms. A thoracic herniated disk may cause paralysis of the legs. The primary objective of thoracic spine surgery is to decompress the nerves that are causing pain by removing the discs that are irritating the nerve.


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