Spar Nord Bank — Solid History of Individualized Banking Solutions

    Spar Nord Bank A/S is a bank which focuses on small to medium sized businesses and households. The bank headquarters is located in North Jutland, Denmark. This banking institution was founded in 1824 under the name Bye og Omegns Sparekasse (The Savings Bank for Town and County) in Aalborg, Netherlands. It was involved in a number of mergers during the 20th century, with the name changing to Sparekassen Nordjylland (The Savings Bank of Northern Jutland) and then ultimately to its current name of Spar Nord Bank. During the last ten years, Spar Nord has opened several offices in larger towns and cities in Denmark. Currently, Spar Nord is ranked as the sixth largest bank in Denmark.

    The bank’s business structure is divided into two segments. The Spar Nord Local Banks segment operates 90 local banks through which it offers banking services to retail and other business customers in addition to serving high-net-worth individuals. The banking services offered include credit and debit cards, loans and credits, savings products as well as pension funds and life insurance. The second business segment is Trading, Financial Markets & International. This segment operates a number of different divisions including Asset Management, Markets, Shares and Bonds, Interest & Forex and International financial transactions, including import and export.

    In addition to these two business segments, the corporation has five direct subsidiaries. Running the overall operations is the executive leadership team of Spar Nord Bank, which is composed of the following.

    Lasse Nyby, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Member of the Executive Board

    Kjeld Johannesen, Chairman of the Board

    Per Nikolaj Bukh, Deputy Chairman of the Board

    John Lundsgaard, Managing Director and Member of the Executive Board

    Lars Mueller, Managing Director and Member of the Executive Board

    Whether dealing with a business or an individual, Spar Nord prides itself on providing personalized and attentive service. Here in the 21st century, Spar Nord has a strong foundation in the digital world. This having been said, however, customers can always meet and speak with a personal banker to work on individualized, custom banking solutions.

    An example of the tie in to the digital world of today would be the following links from the Spar Nord Bank website.


    Here one will find online presentations in regards to financial statements, roadshows and seminars.

    Risks and Accounting

    By way of this link, view Spar Nord’s risk reports and quarterly financial statements.

    Stock Exchange

    Look here to see Spar Nord’s stock exchange announcements in regards to things like financial statements and share repurchases.

    Whether it be through an individual bank teller or interaction with Spar Nord’s experienced executive leadership team, one can count on solid support with innovative, individualized banking solutions.


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