Inspirational Facts You May Not Know About Brian Tambi – CEO Antrim Pharmaceuticals LLC


You have probably read a lot of information about the President and Chief Executive Officer of Antrim Pharmaceuticals, Brain Tambi. But do you know the career journey he traveled on his way to the top? What about the other positions that he has held with other companies?

Tambi is a celebrated mind in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to that, he has helped to set up many companies during his illustrious career. Even at more than 70 years of age, he remains one of the main contributors to this industry. Here are a few things that you may not have known about him.

He Also Sits On The Board Of Akron Inc.

Although he is fully dedicated to his leadership role at CEO Antrim Pharmaceuticals LLC, Brian Tambi still finds time to serve on the board of Akron Inc. he joined the board in 2009 and was appointed a director. In a statement announcing his coming on board, the company said that they were glad to work with someone who has extensive pharmaceutical experience. They also said that they were happy because of his FDA experience.

He Founded Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals

Another highlight of his contribution to the pharmaceutical industry was when he helped to establish Morton Pharmaceuticals. Just like the other leading companies in this niche, Brian Tambi ensured that he sets the company on the right path for growth. He oversaw an ambitious expansion program that made the company what it is today.

Today, they focus on manufacturing and marketing oral liquids and topical pharmaceuticals. Their products have been used extensively to manage a variety of conditions, and that is the reason Mr. Tambi has maintained a high level of reputation in the industry.

He Had A Stint At Bristol Myers Co.

During his stint at Bristol Myers, Brain Tambi was a director in charge of business development. Together with other professionals, they came up with a marketing strategy that made the company take up its place among the best companies in the industry.

He was passionate about formulating a marketing strategy that would later ensure that the company survives even the most difficult financial moments. He also developed a business model that was the envy of many. Although he left, there is no doubt that his contribution still steers the operations of Bristol Myers.

Today, you will find Brian Tambi at his offices carrying out several duties as the head of Antrim Pharmaceuticals LLC. His typical days involves creating delivery systems that provide better services and experiences to both patients and doctors. In addition to that, he directs his energy towards single-agent drugs, which he manufactures and markets through his extensive network.

He is a prolific business leader who has been at many other companies and held several top-ranking positions. Some of the highlights of the business career of Brain Tambi include his stock trades at Akron Inc. and many other big-money transactions that made his a headline name in business news for a long time, apart from helping other professionals to achieve their dreams by growing their companies.


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