The Life And Career Of Justin Dearborn


    Justin Dearborn has had a very successful career in the world of business. He has worked for a variety of companies and succeeded everywhere he has been. He was born in the United States. He was always very good academically. He was accepted into Illinois State University. He graduated from this school. Afterwards, he decided that he wanted to continue his education. He thought that having a law degree would be very useful during his career. However, he had no desire to be a lawyer. He enrolled at the law school that is located at DePaul University. He graduated from this school and attained his law degree.

    The first big job that Justin Dearborn landed after he graduated from college was at Motorola. All of his bosses thought that he did a great job. He worked his way up the ladder. However, he would eventually leave this position for a job at Click Commerce. He also impressed many of the people at this company. However, Justin is not the type of guy who liked to stay in the same place for very long. He was offered a good position at a private equity firm that is called Merrick Ventures. He eventually ascended to the title of Managing Director and General Counsel. One of the biggest jobs of his career was being the chief executive officer of a company called Merge Healthcare. He held this position for a little over two years. During this time, he oversaw the merger between his company and IBM.

    Justin Dearborn also held the chief executive officer position at a company called Tronc. He was eventually named the chairman of this company before he decided to quit this job. Another CEO position he held was at the Tribune Publishing Company. Under his leadership, the company increased its profits by a very large percentage.

    Justin Dearborn has built his career on a number of fundamental principles. He feels that attention to detail is always key. He believes that a decision should be analyzed from many different angles before it is made. He has always valued the input of other people when he has held the CEO position at various companies. He believes that one of the reasons he has been so successful in his career is the fact that he is willing to take advice from the people he works with. Unlike many other CEOs, he does not always believe that his ideas are the best.

    Justin Dearborn has worked at many different companies because he feels being in new environments with new people has enriched his career. He also believes that people begin to stagnate if they stay in the same job for an extended period of time. This is why he is always looking for another big challenge to conquer. He admits that his approach does not work for everyone. Some people like to stay in the same job for a long time because they feel comfortable. Justin likes the challenge of meeting new people and getting to know them in a working environment.


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