LOGS Network Is An Ideal Reflection Of Its Distinguished Co-Founders


The distinguished history of LOGS Network goes back more than forty years now. That time has seen the firm ascend to a position as a leader in the field of legal solutions for industries such as consumer credit and the mortgage sector. Fighting for the rights of creditors is a signature part of the business model at LOGS Network and the team’s expertise in the legal profession has helped to bring about great success in this effort. This effort is backed up with the use of innovative technology. Focusing on client needs has made LOGS Network a trusted and valued resource for today’s creditor industry. With a long history already behind it, the firm now looks forward to another forty years.

A Pair Of Distinguished Co-Founders

A huge part of the consistent success at LOGS Network is derived from the outstanding leadership provided by the firm’s two distinguished co-founders. These individuals are Gerald Shapiro and David Kreisman. The former also serves in the role of the firm’s Chairman while the latter is the Vice-Chairman. Both individuals bring a wealth of experience and tremendous knowledge to their roles at LOGS Network.

About Gerald Shapiro

As a major component of his role as Chairman at LOGS, Gerald Shapiro works tirelessly to build strong connections with many of the industries leading entities. This helps to ensure that he can deliver the best customer service to his clients that is possible.

About David Kreisman

The work that David Kreisman works on is focused on providing enhancement to the success of the business model at LOGS Network. His goal is to always ensure that LOGS is a constant source of valuable resources for the creditors that come to the firm as clients.

A Wide Geographic Footprint

LOGS Network currently has a wide array of U.S. states where services are provided to today’s creditor industry. These states include Arizona, Connecticut, Colorado, Califonia, Illinois, Mississippi, and Kentucky, to name just a few. The firm also has operations in the District of Columbia. In total, there are currently thirty states being served by the expert services that LOGS Network provides. The firm currently has a team of more than two-hundred dedicated attorneys that work tirelessly to serve the needs of clients across all of these different locations.

Additional Resources

LOGS Network currently offers its clients outstanding information through its official blog that it makes available on the firm’s website. This is an outstanding resource for the LOGS Network client base as it provides updates about the latest organizational news as well as updates on current legal matters. The blog is also updated regularly to keep everything consistently up to date. LOGS Network also has an outstanding publication known as Dialog that presents a wealth of different legal content. These are just a few of the additional ways that LOGS Network shows its clients that it cares about providing them with the best service and resources available in the industry.


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