A Look At Art Peck’s Journey To CEO Of Gap Inc.


Art Peck is a business executive who was born in 1955. He is the former chief executive officer and board member of Gap Inc. He knew even as a child that he wanted to work in the business world once he was an adult. Knowing that to reach a high position would require a great education, he studied hard so that he could attend a great university.

After earning his high school degree, he began studying at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. Art Peck earned a bachelor of arts in economics and then began studying at Harvard Business School in 1977. In 1979, he earned a master’s in business administration degree.

He began working at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in 1982, eventually becoming a senior vice president. This is a multinational management consulting firm that operates in 50 countries around the world. They recruit MBA graduates from top schools such as Harvard Business School. Most start as an associate or consultant before moving up. Art Peck remained at BCG until 2005.

Art Peck joined Gap. Inc. in 2011. He was hired as the president of Gap North America. He was quickly promoted to the position of executive vice president, strategy & business development. In 2008, he became president of Gap Inc. Outlet Stores (Gap Outlet & Banana Republic Factory Stores). In 2012, he became president of Gap Inc.’s growth, innovation and digital.

In 2015, he was promoted to president and chief executive officer. He continued in these positions until November 2019 when he resigned. During his time at Gap, he became a trustee of the Gap Foundation. This is the philanthropic arm of the company. It focuses on helping young people from disadvantaged communities gain access to job readiness programs and employment. There is an emphasis on helping young women.

Art Peck had many successes while acting as a leader at Gap Inc. In 2006, he launched its Product Red campaign. This is a brand that raises awareness and money designed to eliminate HIV and AIDS in several African nations. This brand is in partnership with other brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola Company, Hallmark, Apple Inc., and Starbucks.

That was a time during which Gap Inc. ran into significant financial difficulties. Art Peck is credited by many with taking hold of the situation and making needed changes. He could have sat back and done nothing but instead made sure the company survived. It’s likely it was this effort that one day would make him the CEO of the company.

He believes in a healthy work-life balance. Unlike many CEOs, he sees spending all his time at work as counter-productive. He is more effective when he leads a healthy lifestyle that includes sufficient time away from work. Art Peck says too much work can lead to not noticing what is happening at work around you. It also allows him to spend time with his wife and four children, which he will tell you is the most important thing in his life.


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