Telebrands: The Company Taking On A Unique Approach To Direct Marketing


If you have ever seen an icon that has the words ‘As Seen On TV’ on it, you are probably already familiar with Telebrands. The company stands as one of the most well known direct response companies in the United States and has been operational since the 1980s. The company was founded by A.J.Khubani in 1983 as a way to create advertisements that could be printed onto magazines and newspapers. A few years into the business, Khubani started to experiment with other forms of advertisements and began to showcase the products that he was marketing on local television networks. The initial phases of this new form of marketing proved to be incredibly beneficial and were incredibly successful. Soon, Khubani started to get offers from well-known brands to be able to put up their products in this advertising space. 

Since first opening its doors for business, the company has helped sell millions of products to customers all over the globe. The company has tied up with a wide range of companies offering a wide spectrum of products for people of all age groups. The company has also helped boost the sales of several companies, making them instant successes overnight. Many companies have ended up selling millions of products soon after an infomercial was aired about their particular product.

Today, Telebrands has gone through an incredible amount of development. The core idea of the brand has always remained constant, which is to directly sell products to audiences who would be interested in buying them. The approach to selling these products is also consistent with the early ideas that the company was founded on. The marketing done for products is always done in the form of infomercials which educate the customer on the different ways in which they can use the products, the different benefits of the products and how they can actually buy these products. This three-part strategy is what has enabled Telebrands to stand out from the rest of the crowd and emerge as one of the most well-regarded names within the industry.

One unique feature of Telebrands has always been their quest to find products that are unique and not commonly available. The company has been the reason why many unique products have been able to make their way into the market, and have been able to establish themselves as notable names. The company has consistantly showcased an incredible drive to find products that are truly remarkable and then bring them to audiences all over the world. To help them do this, the company has taken on a rather unique approach to finding products that are worth showcasing in their infomercials. The company hosts an event known as Inventors Day once a month. This event is held in various locations across the country and is a day where entrepreneurs can come forward and showcase their products and where inventors can come to seek attention for the unique things that they have created. The products that stand out and which could potentially sell are then put onto the infomercials created by Telebrands. 


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