Veljko Paunovic Making History In The Football Sector


    Veljko Paunovic, born on 21st August 1977, has excelled in the football game playing in the midfielder and sticker positions. He has set a legacy with his football playing skills and over the years since he began his playing career. Paunovic was born in Yugoslavia and is renowned for significant transformation in the football game as the Serbian former football player and manager.
    Why is Veljko Paunovic Popular?

    Unlike many players, Veljko shows tremendous versatile attacking skills playing as a striker or attacking midfielder. While working in Spain, Mr. Veljko expanded his soccer career, working for eight clubs and representing them well in the field. He believes in himself and always works hard to meet his set of personal goals. He serves an s a role model to many players since he did not start his career almighty. He began at the age of 17, playing for the FK Partisan before moving to Spain, where he worked hard to attain his current football status.

    In Spain, Veljko Paunovic played for host clubs such as the CA Marbella in 1995. He was determined, and with time, his hard work was recognized. In 1998 Veljko participated in the UEFA Cup winners, where he scored five league goals. In 2003 Veljko was playing for the CD Tenerife, where he scored eighteen times. His winning led to increased fame and became a role model for many people.

    Two years later, Paunovic returned to athletics, and joined the Getafe CF, where he had a fantastic time in the La Liga. He scored ten goals in 3 matches, and the Madrid outskirts club emerged number nine. In March 2007, Paunovic was signed to join the Russian Premier leagues, precisely the Rubin Kazan. Playing for all these clubs increased Paunovic skills and experiences. He set records by showing his attacking skills and promoting teamwork.

    Veljko Paunovic has also played internationally in the friendly match between Serbia and Montenegro. He also went to Northern Ireland to play in an exhibition match where he scored in a Belfast. He is also known for his discipline and devotion to making a difference.

    Coaching Career
    Paunovic studied at the Royal Spanish Football Federation, where he earned a degree and majored in sporting director. Later he was licensed to start his coaching career. He began working at the Serbian National team as a manager training players under 18, 19, and 20 sides. He contributed to winning the 2015 FIFA world cup with the latter. In November 2015, Paunovic joined the Chicago Fire Soccer Club as the head coach. Two years later, he led the team to playoffs, which were the first time for them in five years.

    Balancing Profession with Social Life
    Veljko Paunovic believes that hard work pays off; he faced various hardships while training for many hours and at times, going without food. He was inspired by his father, who played at the defending position before embarking on his managerial career. Paunovic can balance his professional and social life. He spares time to be with the wife and four children. He is also fluent speaker f six languages, thus enhancing his connections.


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