Alex Molinaroli Career Marked By Persistence And Innovative Leadership


    Alex Molinaroli was born in Parkersburg, West Virginia, in 1959. From an early age, he demonstrated that he was an intelligent child with a knack for numbers and a facility with puzzling out complex problems. Good grades in high school enabled him to enroll at the University of South Carolina where he pursued a degree in computer engineering. He graduated in 1983. He went on to complete a Master of Science degree at Northwestern University in Chicago.

    His stellar academic career brought numerous offers from top-flight firms around the nation, although he said he also faced a lot of rejection. Alex Molinaroli finally opted to accept a position as a sales engineer with Johnson Controls, a venerable company whose founding dates to 1883. Johnson Controls is one of America’s longest-serving corporate entities. Today the company is a multinational conglomerate that holds the 389th position on the Fortune Global 500. The $42 billion company employs more than 130,000 people and maintains 2,000 locations in 130 countries.

    This is the company where Alex Molinaroli would make his career and rise swiftly up the ladder as he took on ever greater responsibilities and important executive positions. In October of 2013, he was named the top man of the company. Alex Molinaroli was CEO of Johnson Controls.

    The tenure of Molinaroli was earmarked by a number of initiatives, including the development of cutting-edge batteries that will be the key components of the new era of hybrid vehicles and energy storage.

    One of the most significant events for Johnson Controls under Mr. Molinaroli’s tenure was the merger with Tyco International. The action included the combining of company headquarters in Cork, Ireland. The firm was rebranded as Johnson Controls International after the merger. In 2016, the company spun off its Johnson Controls automotive Experience division as a separately traded public company.

    Alex Molinaroli has been an outspoken champion of tackling the problem of gender inequality in corporate America. He has also been at the forefront of promoting greater diversity in the workplace. In fact, Molinaroli said that the issue of diversity is among the most important issues facing big business today. He said that real attention to the issue will require a “willingness to feel uncomfortable.” He said the next CEO of Johnson Control “should not look like me.”

    Alex Molinaroli said that companies that have worked hard to diversify their workforces – especially at the management level – have enjoyed positive results that can’t be ignored. Diversified companies are far more competitive, he said. They also produce better production numbers and enjoy superior problem-solving ability because diversity nurtures creativity.

    Alex Molinaroli is widely considered among industry analysts to have been a leading champion of ethics in business. Under his tenure, Johnson Controls was named one of the world’s moth ethical companies by the Ethisphere Institute. It has received the distinction for nine years running. Molinaroli led the way in writing extremely detailed policies on ethics and worked diligently to make sure employees understood them and applied them in all situations.


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