Career And Social Achievements Of Brian Tambi


Brian Tambi is a renowned millionaire and a prominent entrepreneur. He has extensive skills in developing, manufacturing, and formulating drug delivery systems. Over the years, Mr. Tambi has focused on transforming the pharmaceutical sector, ensuring patients get high-quality drugs tested and has no side effects. To achieve his dreams, Brian Tambi earned a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Finance and Economics. He later enrolled in Syracuse University to further his studies and earned an MBA in finance and economics.

Career Contributions
After studies, Mr. Tambi devoted himself to join the entrepreneurship sector to make a fortune and serve a significant role in society. Brian A. Tambi is the Director of Akon Corporation. He has extensive leadership skills acquired while working for other companies and making substantial changes. Before Akon Brian A. Tambi was the chairman of the board, the CEO and President of Antrim Pharmaceutical Company, LCC.

As the top executive, Brian Tambi plays the most significant role in decision making to increase the company logistics and ensure the employees are motivated and guided to provide high standard services. The company focuses on developing, processing, and combining various market drugs to form one reliable drug agent and delivery system. He is an opportunist, thus spends time making dewlaps relevant to his company to ensure smooth running and continuous growth and development.

Leadership skills
Mr. Tambi has set a legacy with his tremendous leadership skills. He is a devoted leader who believes in leading by example. He previously served at INSY: NASDAQ as a member of the board of directors. These companies focused on providing therapeutic medications. During the reign of Brian Tambi, the company experienced tremendous growth. He also served at Grove Pharmaceuticals as the chief executive officer and the chairman of the board of directors.

Mr. Tambi contributed to the success of Grove Company to being the leading manufacturer and distributor of topical and liquid oral medicines. He has also served at Fujiwa, Bristol Myers, and Lyphomed, where he held various positions. Brian Tambi has excelled as a leader since he believes in teamwork and being a good listener encouraging people to share many ideas to benefit the company.

Contributions to Akon Pharmaceuticals
Brian Tambi has served at Akon since 2009, and over the years, he has resulted in increasing logistics. As a director, he earns approximately $357,483 as compensation for his excellent work. Akon specializes in making animal and consumer generic and prescription medications. They need Brian to analyses the market and identify various business opportunities to expand the company.

Mr. Tambi has increased the Akon sales to more than $503, 585, which is a significant increase margin from approximately $50 000 as per 2014 statistics. He collaborates with Joseph Bonaccorsi, the Executive Vice president, and general counsel, Duane Port wood, the Chief financial officer, among other people to oversee the smooth running of Akon.

Role Model Traits
Brian A. Tambi is a role model for many upcoming investors and directors. His leadership skills and ideas are emulated by many.


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