For Customers And Franchisees Alike, Happy’s Pizza LLC Is An Excellent Company


Founded in Detroit, Michigan, in 1994, the Happy’s Pizza restaurant chain offers a diverse menu of reasonably priced, tasty foods. This growing chain maintains more than 60 locations in Michigan, Ohio and Nevada.

At Happy’s Pizza LLC, customers can choose from five sizes of regular pizzas, deep dish pizzas and 12 types of specialty pizzas. The menu at Happy’s includes burgers and sandwiches, subs, wings and chicken, shrimp and seafood, breads, loaded fries, salads and desserts.

The inclusion of BBQ ribs and chicken, along with an assortment of dinner combinations, sets the menu at Happy’s Pizza apart from other pizza-oriented eateries.

Hungry diners can choose from St. Louis BBQ ribs, rib tips, spicy sausage, BBQ chicken, catfish, cod, and perch dinners at Happy’s. With delectable side dishes such as macaroni & cheese, garlic buttered potato wedges, cole slaw and chili cheese fries, there’s something to please everybody’s appetite at Happy’s Pizza.

Among the delightful desserts that are served at Happy’s Pizza are cheesecake, red velvet cake, banana pudding, peach cobbler and giant chocolate chip cookies.

For people who are interested in becoming a franchise restaurant owner, Happy’s Pizza LLC offers some exceptional opportunities. While their new restaurants are being built-out, Happy’s franchisees attend 30-45 days of training in the company’s corporate kitchen. This is followed by 60-90 days of management experience at an existing store.

Happy’s Pizza LLC is a company that provides its franchisees with plenty of support when they are opening a new store. The company can help with site selection, signage and fixtures, equipment and products, lease negotiations and more.

When a new Happy’s Pizza store opens, it must first be decided which type of physical store design the new restaurant will maintain. There are stores built into existing buildings, stand alone stores, stores situated in a line of other stores, and strip mall end cap stores.

Before the new Happy’s Pizza store opens, the company provides banners advertising the coming store, advertising of the grand opening, job fairs and marketing through different forms of media.

After a new Happy’s Pizza store opens for business, the company’s support team helps the franchisee to learn about and maintain inventory control, food costs, staffing, marketing and more. The company also offers all sorts of assistance and advice regarding operation of the business.

For its satisfied customers, Happy’s Pizza is a top-rate restaurant chain that consistently serves excellent food at reasonable prices. For the chain’s franchisees, Happy’s Pizza provides a rewarding and satisfying career path.


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